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A Guide to Hybrid SUV's

...than a Build-a-Bear store. Lexus 450h: The long-loved hybrid SUV from Lexus boasts pre-collision safety systems, cabin voice commands, smartphone app integration and beautiful wood trim accents. Competitors include the Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid. Differences of Driving a Hybrid SUV Hybrid vehicles offer similar range, speeds and maneuverability to gasoline-powered cars.... more

How to Shop for a Car Loan

...known as the APR, or annual percentage rate. Auto loan interest rates can vary between zero percent for the very best customers, four percent for buyers with really good credit and 20 percent for people who need bad credit car loans. By shaving just a few percentage points off your... more

Five Best Car Rental Companies.

...Associates decided to ask 1,000 frequent users of car rental companies to rate the very best in the nation. The results bode very well for a company that has already been dominating the car rental market for years. 1. National Car Rental – Rating 809 According to the survey done... more

Basics of Title Loans and Preapproval

...title lenders want to see the car, truck, or SUV before they will finalize the loan amount. You can either drive the vehicle into a local shop or schedule an appraisal at a more convenient location. Depending on where you live, your new automobile title loan must be for a... more

How To Donate A Car To Charity

Donating a car to a charity sounds like a win/win situation. You get rid of a vehicle that’s taking up room and costing you money to keep it maintained and insured. A charity gets something it can use to help its recipients, either directly by providing transportation to... more

Hybrids Vehicles For Today's Marketplace

The hybrid vehicle market is seeing new gains in sales numbers as the public becomes familiar with the technology and viability of this new option. Although some models have experienced a slow start in sales, others are a growing demand and increasing popularity. Vehicle sales as a whole... more

Hybrid Cars for Today And The Future

...In the quest for fuel-efficient cars, companies are refining older technologies while developing new ones. Cleaner-burning diesels and small, more efficient gasoline engines are increasingly used in a range of vehicles, from subcompacts to SUVs. However, the best known and arguably the most popular approach to better gas mileage... more

The Real Cost Savings Of Owning A Hybrid Car

...of a hybrid are on average about $4,500 more than a gas-powered equivalent. Thus, the hybrid owner’s goal is to generate savings in operating costs that exceed $4,500, and to realize further savings from the purchase of a hybrid vehicle. Comparing a Small Sample The long-term measures are not available... more

When To Get Cheap Tires

Purchasing cheap tires for the family car is often the only way that a family can afford to get new tires on the car. Technology in the rubber and tire industry is progressing more every day, and it is wise for drivers to remember that used tires in... more

2015 Best Luxury SUVs

...The SUV has quickly moved into center stage among vehicle choices worldwide. It offers the comfort of a traditional car and the convertible space of a small truck. Built on small truck chassis, the SUV has become a favorite among men and women and all age groups. Car makers... more