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Breaking Down High Yield Savings Accounts

...of greater economic activity and growth, banks routinely paid 4-5%. Those with such memories may wince today when the average is below 1%. Today’s high yield savings accounts do not stand up well to historical comparisons. Time is the primary advantage of a savings account over investments in stocks or... more

Different Types of High Yield Investments

...In good times or bad, people are always on the lookout for investment opportunities that generate significant returns. Living paycheck to paycheck, only able to put a small amount in a low-return savings account, does not build or increase wealth. High yield investments are the ones that produce high... more

High-Yield Dividend ETFs

...S&P Dividend ETF (SDY). This ETF tracks a high yield dividend S & P index. The index is a collection of sixty companies from the S&P 1500 index. They are large capital stocks that trade slightly under value. These underlying stock companies have raised their dividends over a period of... more

How To Find The Right Retirement Investment Mix

...plan to retire early, you may need an aggressive mix of investments to bring in enough income to meet that goal. If your retirement plans include world travel or other expensive propositions, then again you will require more income. On the other hand, if you anticipate having fairly fixed expenses... more

Five Safer Investment Options

...guaranteed return. With a fixed annuity, you simply make a deal with an insurance company to allow the company to handle your money for you. However, the company will pay you a reasonably high interest rate, and your money is guaranteed. Some annuities start paying out immediately, and others are... more

High Yield Bond Funds

...selecting high yield investments, fund managers contend with the difficulty of getting good information about issuers. Unlike many large corporations, governments, and municipal issuers, information is not easily available on small or less well-known companies. Many fund managers take advantage of institutional assets, such as extensive credit research, to identify... more

5 Reasons to have a Roth IRA over stocks. Given low bank interest rates, income funds and high dividend stocks offer advantages for balancing the portfolio. Cash profits enable financial flexibility that one can lose with long-term bond positions. Lifetime Contributions The term of contribution is another advantage, and a point of difference with other retirement... more

What You Need to Know About Fixed Income Investments

...investors were lured back by hopes of a revival of the Greek economy; those investors may be most concerned with the current bailout and further negotiations. Volume is Up High yield fixed income bonds showed the larger rate of return more than investment grade bonds. The secondary market for high-yield... more

Fixed Income Investments Explained

...When a person takes advantage of fixed income investments, this means that they invest money with the expectation that a return will be gained according to a fixed schedule. The amounts of return that they acquire, however, are not usually fixed. Instead, the amounts can greatly vary, but still... more

Retirement Income Calculators

...or a career. One either uses the opportunities to begin building future security or not. Each decision represents an opportunity taken or lost. For most people, the elements of a retirement include some basic things such as savings, investments, retirement programs, and social security. People who own or operate businesses... more