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Do Gold Funds Benefit From Industrial Gold Uses?

...Experts estimate that most cell phones contain at least 50 cents worth of gold in the electrical contact points. In fact, computers, televisions, radios and iPods all contain a smidgen of gold. Some individuals will salvage these electronics to extract the precious metals therefrom. Gold Does Not Tarnish The bottom... more

Gold Investing With Funds

...More ans more investors are looking to invest in gold. The reasons are numerous. For thousands of years, gold has been considered as money. Even few decades ago, the American Dollar has been backed by gold. No more. With the central banks around the world printing money, the inflation... more

What are Gold IRAs all about

...other class (i.e. precious metals) could be rising or holding its value. For centuries, investors considered gold to be a storage of value and a hedge against inflation. It’s true that gold fluctuates and declines at times, however, in the long-term it’s been retaining its intrinsic value. Gold can’t be... more

Why have Indians been buying gold for millennia?

...No one is truly sure how long mankind has existed, but certain cultures have been around for millennia. The Indian (Hindu) culture has built up a long history based on adhering to certain basic philosophies, rules and guidelines. One of these core rules is purchasing gold as an investment.... more

How to Invest in Gold

...about the price of the dollar. What are some easy ways to acquire gold at a reasonable price? How to Invest in Gold Without Spending Much Money If you have a watch or a ring that is made of gold, you can either mail it in for cash or keep... more

Rating the Best Gold Investments

...ISIS and terror threats. The Best Gold Investments Investors can choose to invest in mutual funds based on gold, gold mining operations, or hedged streams of future production. ETF investments may be safer because on can sell a position more easily than the stock purchase route. Mining and hedged production... more

Investment Plans for Gold market. They aim to capture the upward potential of the swings in gold pricing. How Gold Investment Plans Work One particularly simple and direct way to buy gold is the gold investment plan. In a simple description, these financial products provide a depository account under the control of a... more

The Enduring Appeal of Gold: Tips For Investing

...idea recommended here of limited exposure to gold for balance. Gold Backed Funds and Stocks Gold-backed ETFs are an excellent way to invest in gold, like the SPDR Gold Trust (NYSEMKT: GLD). These daily traded funds represent the commodity but trade like a stock. They track the price of gold.... more

How To Find The Right Retirement Investment Mix

...loss of the principal. Investing in bonds keeps your existing savings safe, but the returns on such an investment are much smaller. As a rule, if you are willing to take on more risk, your portfolio should include more stocks; if you are fairly risk-averse, you should invest in bonds.... more

Five Tips for Beginner Investors

...Diversify Investment managers and financial advisers all agree, diversity is key to a promising investment. As a beginner investor, you probably do not have a great deal of money to invest. In this case, it is best to diversify your portfolio rather than put all your money on one or... more