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The Effect of Student Loans on Your Credit

...missed. Until you have entered the repayment phase of your student loans, it will not impact your credit.Making payments, not by just owing money, creates credit. Use this credit to your advantage in building your credit for the future, and don’t let “student loans bad credit” apply to you.... more

Cancellation, Discharge, and Forgiveness of Federal Student Loans apply to have your loan discharged, forgiven or cancelled. If you think you qualify, contact your loan service provider. For Federal Perkins Loans, you must check with the school that gave you the loan. To learn specifics about your loan, including what type of loan and who the servicer... more

Types of Student Loans

...Why Student Loans Are Necessary? The cost of college education in the United States is a major barrier to access to the career and life advantages of higher education. The average costs of college tuition and living expenses in 2014 for all institutions was approximately $22,000 per student year.... more

Types of Student Loans deal for your education. Federal Student Loans The U.S. government offers low-interest loans to students entering a university at the undergraduate, master’s, doctoral or professional level. The most popular loan programs include Perkins, Stafford, PLUS and Health Professions. To apply for one of these federal plans, learners must complete... more

How to Choose the Right Student Loan Companies

...impact your life for many years. Federal Student Loans When looking for student loan companies, many students and their parents turn to the federal government. Federal loans often have flexible eligibility requirements and repayment terms. They are also appealing to many new students because applying for them is a simple... more

Private Student Loans

...of loans for college. Family members can structure loans in terms, interest rates and repayment schedules. Banks, credit unions, private companies, and lending institutions offer student loans to qualified borrowers. The rates and terms vary and usually depend on assets and credit scores. Most lenders offer some form of deferment... more

How to Get a Student Loan for College That Pays for All Your Rent and Books

...schools, and they help qualify students who might otherwise not attend due to financial need. Federal Direct Subsidized Student Loans Students can borrow up to $5,500 to $12,500 per year. for undergraduate education at 4.29 percent interest. The government pays the interest prior to graduation. Students can use these loans... more

How to Shop for a Student Loan in 8 Steps

...Seven out of ten college students now take out loans to fund their education. With the average debt rising to more than $29,000, getting the best deal is essential. The following tips can help undergraduates and grad students of any age shop for the best student loans. 1. Decide... more

Student Loans Without Credit Checks

...Public Versus Private Sources With one exception, student loan programs administered by the Department of Education do not require credit checks. The exception is the PLUS program which provides loans to family members for the benefit of an eligible student. Private lenders require credit checks as a condition of... more

What Are Installment Loans?

...and are not: Loan total: Although most installment loans amount to only a few thousand dollars, the actual balance does not matter. It can reach into the hundreds of thousands or even millions. Interest rate: Each lender sets the annual percentage rate for finance charges. While family loans may be... more