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Fundamentals of Fixed Income Investments

...Fixed income investments offer reliable and predictable income streams. In terms of its fundamentals, a fixed-income security is a loan from an investor to a borrower. The bond has a face value, a maturity date, and a coupon rate. The borrower promises to return the loan amount on a... more

Retirement Income Calculators

...retirement income calculator is a system for finding how much money will be available during retirement. Usually based on a monthly budget, it summarizes income assets including social security. Persons about to retire can use these systems to determine the level of monthly spending and a sound budget for... more

An Overview of Fixed Income Securities

...Fixed income securities provide a steady stream of income for investors. The term fixed income describes two aspects of the investment. First the amount of payment is fixed or known in advance as part of the agreement. Second, the time for payment is also agreed and known in advance.... more

Fixed Income Investments Explained

...CDs offer flexibility, liquidity, and they are also insured by the FDIC. Money Market Fund This type of fixed income comes in the form of a mutual fund. The money invested tends to come with minimal credit risk, which is good, but the maturities of the funds tend to be... more

How To Find The Right Retirement Investment Mix

...plan to retire early, you may need an aggressive mix of investments to bring in enough income to meet that goal. If your retirement plans include world travel or other expensive propositions, then again you will require more income. On the other hand, if you anticipate having fairly fixed expenses... more

Fixed Annuity Rates

...Fixed rate annuities are an excellent tool for building a reliable source of long-term income. With fixed rate annuities, one knows in advance the exact amounts of interest income that the investment contract will pay along with a set schedule. One can structure fixed rate annuities to be an... more

Top 5 Retirement Funds

...flexibility is a good way to maximize both income and equity. Allocation Approaches of Top Retirement Funds An excellent way to proceed is through funds that invest in other top funds. The fund of funds approach is a tool for managing risk and adding predictability to the income producing investments.... more

Retirement Tax Calculators

...of taxable social security income. There are status factors that affect the base amount. The base is zero for married filing separately. The base is $32,000, and provisional income limit is $44,000 for married persons filing jointly. Applying the Retirement Tax Calculator Withholding may be the best course for many... more

5 Reasons to have a Roth IRA

...investment flexibility. Tax Free Income for Retirement A Roth IRA is an excellent method to add resources for retirement. An individual’s contributions to an IRA are taxable, but the earnings on the contributions are tax-free. Over the course of many or even a few years, the contributions will generate interest,... more

Five Safer Investment Options

...your money grow without having to take too much of a risk. 1. Fixed Annuities Fixed annuities are a great option for many reasons. You can generally start out with a relatively low investment amount; in fact, you can often get started with only $1,000. However, you can receive a... more