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Top Mutual Funds

...assets under management as of April 2015. With offices in the US and 12 other countries, they provide financial services and some of the leading mutual funds. With many offerings ranked among the top performing mutual funds, the most profitable mutual funds are PIMCO® Fixed Income SHares: Series C, Class... more

How To Pick The Best Hedge Funds

...Picking a hedge fund is a great way to improve the portfolio. Investors use hedge funds to diversify, reduce risks, and improve growth. To decide which hedge funds are best, the investor should consider its needs. This assessment can easily take the form of a set of guidelines that... more

Where To Buy Mutual Funds

...One item of advice repeated by experts across the board is to think long-term and avoid chasing performance. When buying mutual funds, balance is important. Chasing performance probably means getting there too late to catch the rise, and it may mean too much concentration. A balanced portfolio is best... more

Best Mutual Funds To Invest In: A Mid Year Assessment

...The mid-year is an excellent time to evaluate the best Mutual Funds opportunities for investment and consider mid-year corrections that can improve results for the second half of the year. In doing so, one must consider factors that may affect stocks and bonds such as news events and overall... more

Why It is Beneficial To Invest In Mutual Funds

...the Internet that teach how to buy mutual funds. You can locate mutual fund companies by simply searching on the Internet. Once you become a shareholder, you’ll receive updates and statements alerting you to how the fund is performing and how much your investment is growing. Contact the mutual fund... more

How To Find The Right Retirement Investment Mix

...One of the core purposes of retirement planning is to build a diverse portfolio that provides enough income to live on, and in a constantly shifting economy, building that portfolio is a challenging proposition. While there’s no single right way to find an investment mix for your retirement funds,... more

Top 5 Retirement Funds retirement. Flexible approach to Retirement Income Those near retirement can use retirement investment income with part-time retirement employment income to phase-in retirement. Many part-time employed seniors report earnings in excess of $25,000 per year. Income from retirement mutual funds can also add to future retirement security. With yields in... more

Five Safer Investment Options

...invest in a tangible item that can be used until you are ready to sell it. 4. Exchange-Traded Funds Instead of investing all of your money into certain stocks, you can buy shares in exchange-traded funds. To lower the risk of this investment, the money is used to purchase various... more

How to Find the Best Stocks to Buy

...When discussing the best stocks to buy for your portfolio, it is best to begin with the golden rule of what stocks you should not buy. If a stock is already a trend, then you are usually wasting your money buying into it. In other words, if people already... more

Best Investment Funds

...Long-Term Strategies Many investors regard long-term growth as the primary investment goal and mutual funds with long-term capital appreciation strategies as the best investment funds. Long-term growth emphasizes equity. It secures some of the best results in growth industries where, like a rising tide, the economic activity level tends... more