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Cell Phone Plans for Seniors use cell phones for voice communications and far less for data uses. Seniors who rely on a phone for voice and use it relatively sparely can benefit from simple and inexpensive plans that feature voice and small amounts of data capacity. Two prominent entries are Jitterbug and Tracfone. These... more

"Pay As You Go" Cell Phones

...Pay as you go service is the alternative to contract cell phone service and other plans. Rather than making a multi-year or even annual commitment, consumers purchase cell service as they need it. Some providers allow customization of the monthly set-up such as adding unlimited international features for limited... more

Cell Phone Accessories You Should Own

...devices are important ways to expand the use of cell phones. Bigger Sound Cell phones can store music and video. As music players, cell phone owners may wish to fill a larger space than personal headphones. The use of phones as music players spawned an aftermarket for wireless speakers.... more

Best Prepaid Cell Phones

...Prepaid phones are another way to access the networks of the major providers. Cricket, Tracfone, Boost, and other prepaid services operate mobile virtual networks. They use the physical networks of the big four AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. This means that prepaid services can offer similar coverage and connections... more

Common Cell Phone Deals

...Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, holiday occasions, and events are each cause for spectacular sales on cell phones. Many retailers have a licensing arrangement and have exclusive sales rights for particular products. These include the hot new cell phones that fit into advertising programs and attract buyers seeking the... more

All about Getting the Cheapest Cell Phone Plans service. Special Group There are free phones for those with demonstrated need. Assurance Wireless offers one for those qualified for Medicaid or other programs for persons at or near the federal poverty line. This lifeline service is important. It recognizes that a cell phone is a key to personal... more

Cell Phone Service Providers providers offer a range of services and equipment that shape the users experience in important ways. Providers provide cell service at the speeds and bandwidth needed to have instant downloads and seamless streaming of content. They provide the top and mid-range cell phones to consumers and engineer them for... more

Best Cell Phone Carriers

...consumers. Best at Meeting the Needs The best cell carrier is one that provides excellent coverage where the consumer needs it. Some experts pick Verizon as the best choice for coverage and reliability. The logic is sound because pricing alone is not a good measure of value. Speed and coverage... more

Best Cell Phone Plans

...There are many ways to consider the best in a category, price alone does not describe the value. One must look within the plans, and one must compare based upon needs. The ultimate need for family shared plans is to get the most data usage at the lowest possible... more

The 2016 High Speed Internet Company

...Information Technology. Access by Cell and Mobile Device Most people stay in constant connection with the Internet by mobile devices. Workstations and fixed computer locations are still in wide use, but the mobile devices are the flexible and popular form of connection. Powerful cell phones with Smart technology perform functions... more