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How To Compare Cellphone Plans

...Comparison shopping is an ideal way to assess competing cell phone plans. While nearly all providers offer unlimited data plans, most of the throttle their subscribers by reducing speeds after a level of usage. Among those that do not throttle are MetroPCS, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Unlimited talk and text... more

Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

...the internet from virtually anywhere. Almost forgotten in the wide array of services and uses, the cellphone is part of the basic personal security for everyone too. It connects us to emergency and medical services and can even locate us when we are unable to act. The cellphone is part... more

Best Cell Phone Plans

...There are many ways to consider the best in a category, price alone does not describe the value. One must look within the plans, and one must compare based upon needs. The ultimate need for family shared plans is to get the most data usage at the lowest possible... more

All about Getting the Cheapest Cell Phone Plans

...Low price is not a good way to assess a cell phone plan because function, equipment, reliability, and coverage matter as much as price. One can save on price and not have the service needed to communicate effectively. When one considers the value and determines that the plans work... more

Common Cell Phone Deals

...latest and most dynamic cell phones. Bundling Contracts and Advanced Phones Cell phone deals give carriers opportunities to bundle plans and equipment into attractive packages. This creates a powerful brand identification and advertising drive. The top rated new phones frequently offer breakthrough features and create a buzz of consumer interest.... more

Cell Phone Accessories You Should Own

The market for cell phone accessories is large and contains many items necessary for the full enjoyment of cell phone services. These include protective equipment, add-ons, and attachments. One of the more popular cell phone accessories is the selfie stick. These extension pole devices allow users to take... more

"Pay As You Go" Cell Phones

...Pay as you go service is the alternative to contract cell phone service and other plans. Rather than making a multi-year or even annual commitment, consumers purchase cell service as they need it. Some providers allow customization of the monthly set-up such as adding unlimited international features for limited... more

Best Prepaid Cell Phones

...does not operate a virtual network, they have a private network. Their parent company is T-Mobile. Metro PCS offered unlimited talk and throttled data plans. Ranging from $30 to $50 per month subscribers can get 500MB to $GB of data. Their $60 offering is an unlimited data plan that also... more

Cell Phone Service Providers

...compatibility with the systems, and they guarantee extensive coverage areas. Many offer flexible plans to cover families as well as individual users. The top providers are Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint Verizon is rated as the top performer based on its overall coverage, speeds, reliability, and high levels of customer service.... more

Best Cell Phone Carriers

...a large margin in nearly every market. One may need a late model Smartphone to use the LTE speeds. Verizon also provides unlocked phones so that one can use them easier in international settings. Verizon does not subsidize the price of phones, and its plans are not term contracts. The... more