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Cancellation, Discharge, and Forgiveness of Federal Student Loans, log into My Federal Student Aid. Disability Certain Federal student loans, such as a Perkins loan, may be discharged if you can demonstrate that you are permanently and totally disabled. A veteran can submit documentation from the Department of Veterans Affairs. For non-veterans, a notice of receipt of Social... more

Types of Student Loans all fees and costs. The repayment terms may begin while the student is still in school. Interest rates vary with the lender, and the costs will be much higher than federal student aid. Advantages of Federal Student Loans Access to funds is the primary and most important advantage of... more

Types of Student Loans

...Nearly half of all American students take out loans to make attending college affordable, according to the U.S. Department of Education. A combination of federal and private aid often covers the part of tuition that scholarships and grants cannot. Understanding all student loan options is critical to getting the... more

Private Student Loans

...have replaced the Stafford loan program and are open to any student. Loans and Student Fund Priorities One can view private loans as a less preferred option to other forms of aid. Scholarships and grants do not require repayment, federal loans offer flexibility and subsidized interest payments. Other options include... more

Student Loans Without Credit Checks without credit checks. These are rare and intended to benefit the student without regard to credit worthiness. Some instances are fraternal organizations that keep a revolving loan fund for college students from member families. Private Lenders Require Credit Checks Those who cannot use federal loan programs, or whose needs... more

What Are Installment Loans?

...the money they want while still stretching out the debt schedule. Here are the ins and outs of those installment loans. Paying in Installments An installment loan involves a debt that must be paid back through two or more scheduled payments. The definition is intentionally vague because many financial accounts... more

How to Get a Student Loan for College That Pays for All Your Rent and Books

...most have stricter repayment terms than Perkins or Stafford Loans. Sources of Student Loans There are two major categories of student loan sources, public sources such as state and federal government agencies and private sources like banks, private lenders, and finance companies. Private loans set their terms, and many now... more

How to Shop for a Student Loan in 8 Steps can be refinanced or consolidated. In most cases, private alternative loans cannot be lumped together with federal student loans. Because only a limited number of lenders offer private education loans, consolidating loans from various banks into a single monthly payment can be challenging. 7. Look at borrowing limits. Has... more

Bad Credit Loans

...If you have a tarnished credit history, don’t search in the darkest depths of the Internet to find new credit. Legitimate companies online and offline are willing to lend as long as you meet a few conditions. You can get mortgages, personal loans, auto loans and student loans just... more

Student Loan For Continuing Education

...growth sectors. Student loans for continuing education have focused on general education, career development, job training, and vocational education. Federal Loan Eligibility Federal loans require a particular level of effort; one must enroll on a part-time basis consisting of at least one-half the course load of a full-time student. The... more