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Do Gold Funds Benefit From Industrial Gold Uses?

...Gold has always been prized for its beauty, chemical properties and scarcity. Banks, businesses and governments use gold as money for international trade. Learn why gold funds benefit from industrial, monetary and personal uses of the precious metal. Gold Conducts Electricity Gold is one of the best conductors of... more

Gold Investing With Funds

...metals such as platinum, palladium, and silver)is considered to be an asset class on its own, and quite distinct form paper assets such as bonds and stocks. Also, gold has low correlation with these assets, so it’s considered to a good way to diversify investments. While it’s possible to buy... more

What are Gold IRAs all about

...qualify as well. Examples of qualified coins and bars include 1 oz. Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins, 1 oz. Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins, 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins, and 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bars. When contributing to Gold IRA, keep in mind that an annual IRA contribution stays... more

Why have Indians been buying gold for millennia?

...No one is truly sure how long mankind has existed, but certain cultures have been around for millennia. The Indian (Hindu) culture has built up a long history based on adhering to certain basic philosophies, rules and guidelines. One of these core rules is purchasing gold as an investment.... more

How to Invest in Gold

...If you are looking for a way to solidify your financial future, look no further than gold. It holds its value well during good economic times and may even increase in value during bad times. Generally, gold is seen as a safe haven when there are questions or concerns... more

Rating the Best Gold Investments

...Gold can be a powerful and profitable part of an investor’s portfolio in the balance of calendar year 2015 and into 2016. The scenarios that traditionally favor a rise in gold seem to be present, or in the likely turn of events. Gold rises on the weakening dollar,... more

Investment Plans for Gold

...ways. The investor takes the risk of loss and the opportunity for profit in the gold investment plan. Some gold investment plans mix products and urges customers to purchase additional items such as numismatic or collectible gold coins. While collectible coins can surge in value, they can also fall quite... more

The Enduring Appeal of Gold: Tips For Investing

...hedge against some future events, then one should treat it as an insurance policy and keep it rather than sell it. The spot and contract commodity markets set the daily price of gold bullion. Those who wish to buy and sell coins and bullion for profit exceed the tip or... more

Selling Your Gold For Cash? How To Get The Best Price... stamped on the object. If not, it will need to be determined by testing. While there are do–it–yourself kits for testing, it’s sometimes best left to experts. How Much Does It Weigh? Gold prices are commonly expressed as a dollar amount per ounce. However, many gold dealers are using... more

Five Tips for Beginner Investors

...Investing in your future is one of the most prudent financial decisions that you can ever make. While investing is best done at an early age, it is also never too late to start. By choosing the optimal investment strategies that work best for you, you’ll be able to... more