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The Real Cost Savings Of Owning A Hybrid Car

...The real costs savings of owning a hybrid may be an elusive figure for many drivers. One must start at the beginning and analyze the costs of acquisition. At more than $32,000 per car on average, automobiles and SUV’s are expensive; they are at an all-time high. The costs... more

A Guide to Hybrid SUV's

...Hybrids come in two basic flavors: • Parallel: Where the electric motor can power the car, the gasoline engine can power the car, or the duo can work together. • Series: Where the gasoline engine charges the battery that feeds the electric motor. The Nerd’s Take: Hybrid Technology A thorough... more

How To Donate A Car To Charity

...Donating a car to a charity sounds like a win/win situation. You get rid of a vehicle that’s taking up room and costing you money to keep it maintained and insured. A charity gets something it can use to help its recipients, either directly by providing transportation to someone... more

Hybrids Vehicles For Today's Marketplace

...a considerable slowdown during the years of the recession. As the economy continues its rebound, hybrid car manufacturers are preparing to rev up production to meet the demand. Eyes on the Economy Much of the increase in hybrid car sales reflects catching up on lost time. The economic downturn caused... more

Hybrid Cars for Today And The Future the electric-gasoline hybrid. How Hybrids Work Hybrids use more than one power source, most commonly a gasoline engine and an electric motor. There are three general types of hybrid. The “parallel hybrid” is the simplest configuration. The engine propels the car, and the motor either provides a power boost... more

How to Shop for a Car Loan

...If your old truck is covered in rust, if your compact car has stranded you more than once or if you just need a change from your current transportation, now is the time to shop for a car loan. Here are a few tips to get you the best... more

Electric Cars

...are getting out of their electric car is to read through the items below. You will find that your electric car will improve your life overnight. The Sound Essentially, the electric car you jump in makes no sound at all. It is as quiet as it can possibly be. The... more

Five Best Car Rental Companies.

...What are the traits of a good car rental company? For many people, service and price are the two top determining factors of the quality of a rental car company. Others prefer to use vehicle availability as their measuring stick. The respected car research firm of J.D. Power and... more

Basics of Title Loans and Preapproval

...Car title loans form one of the largest sources of unconventional credit in the United States. Americans take out roughly $1.6 billion of these loans each year, and lenders are all too willing to promote the speed and convenience. If you are considering one of these emergency loans, you... more

How To Avoid Unnecessary Fees On Car Rentals

...Anyone who is preparing to rent a car for their next trip should know that there are some fees the rental companies suggest which are not mandatory. It is important to be as frugal as possible when taking a vacation or business trip, which is why every traveler should... more