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How to Shop for the Lowest Mortgage Rates

...Unfortunately, nearly half of all Americans do not actively shop around for the lowest mortgage rates. Most Americans who wish to buy a new home or refinance an existing mortgage apply with the first broker or lender they find, according to According to data provided by the Consumer... more

The Truth About Mortgage Interest Rates

...serves as the best indicator to determine where mortgage interest rates currently stand. Although banks originate most mortgage loans as 30-year fixed-rate products, most consumers refinance or sell their homes within 10 years. Therefore, mortgage analysts, mortgage brokers and mortgage finance companies use the 10-year Treasury yield curve to gauge... more

Mortgage Refinance Calculator

...Reasons to Refinance Many homeowners see ads or hear of lower interest rates than they currently pay on an existing home mortgage loan. There may be good reasons to consider refinancing. Interest rates may have fallen; currently, in the United States, interest rates are lower than in many... more

A Guide To Mortgage Refinance

...consolidation and a single regular payment. In the low-interest rate environment, when rates have hit near-record lows, everyone should examine the potential benefit of mortgage refinancing. Time to Refinance at All-time Lows In recent weeks, mortgage rates have reached record lows as measured by standards of recent years. Now at... more

Fixed Vs. ARM: Know Which Mortgage Is Right for You

...a payment for the same set amount. At the start of your loan repayment, most of the money will go toward interest. As you make more payments, more money goes toward the principal balance, which increases your equity in the home. Your minimum payment cannot change unless you refinance the... more

Mortgage Terminology You Need to Know

...a bank loan. Mortgage lenders offer many types, including fixed-rate home loans with stable interest rates and adjustable rate mortgages, or ARMs, with variable interest terms. Prequalification When a borrower is prequalified for a home loan, she receives a ballpark figure of how much she can borrow and under what... more

Mortgage Calculators

...When looking to purchase a house for the first time, or move into a new house, one of the best tools available is a mortgage calculator. Mortgage calculators are typically used to help with budgeting and comparing the overall costs of different houses with varying prices, tax rates, and... more

What Is A Reverse Mortgage

...used for whatever the homeowner desires, including paying off an existing standard mortgage. Simply put, a reverse mortgage allows homeowners to have immediate use of the equity in their home, without first selling it. The amount received depends on age, appraised value of the home, interest rates, and governmental loan... more

How to Never Miss a Mortgage Payment

When you purchase a home, your mortgage payment may feel like a hundred-pound brick resting on your shoulders. The stress and fear of missing a payment or even being late can keep you up at night. Luckily, there are several strategies you can employ to make sure that... more

Reverse Mortgage Calculators

Calculating the Advantages For many senior homeowners, there are untapped and valuable sources of funds from the equity in their homes. Reverse mortgage calculators can help senior homeowners decide whether this home equity finance option is right for them. Calculators provide a simple way to outline the value... more