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Tips and Tricks for Sending Money to Mexico

...When it comes to sending money to Mexico, there are a few tips and tricks that you will need to follow. First of all, be well aware that there are more than a few ways to send money to Mexico. From online transfers to sending a check by mail,... more

International Money Transfer Services

...Sending money internationally used to be a more difficult proposition 10 years ago. But in the last decade, the Internet has made it easier to send money to any spot in the world. The key to utilizing the Internet to send money is understanding the rules and knowing how... more

7 Simple Tips on How to Save Money Regularly

...on Autopilot You won’t miss what you don’t see. Establish an automatic payment system into your savings accounts. The best option is to ask your employer to send a certain amount of money to your checking account and the rest into savings. If you cannot split your paycheck, set up... more

Domestic Money Transfer Services

...Union is the name brand associated with instant wire transfers. It has a long history in the U.S. as a quick, low-cost, and reliable way to send money. With thousands of locations across the U.S., Western Union is accessible to send or receive cash quickly. Western Union is a walk-up... more

Sending Money To India

...grouped with Brazil, Russia, and China as the global epicenters of economic growth. The result of its large population, vibrant culture, and the integral role in the global economy is a lively international pattern of personal connections with India. There are many situations in which people send money to persons... more

Sending Money To Inmates

...attempt to re-establish a productive role. Families can keep a meaningful connection with loved ones as they work their ways back to release. Online access to fund transfers, debt and credit card transfers, and easily understood access procedures all add to the usefulness of money transfer services for inmates.... more

Easy Money Transfers to the U.S.

...Send Funds From Anywhere Western Union is an excellent way to send funds into the USA. With services available at locations around the globe, Western Union is the leading funds transfer service for transfers both to and from the USA. Senders can access transfers by telephone, online, and in-person... more

10 Best CD Rates

...Certificates of Deposits are generally sold by banks. They are purchased at a specified interest rate for the duration of the term. Historically, rates were considerably higher than they are at the present time. Compared to other investments, CDs are a safe place to put your money if it... more

How to Compare Credit Cards each month to maintain a balance on your card. However, you should be careful to not be fooled by each low interest rate you see advertised. There is a difference between regular interest rates and introductory interest rates. An introductory interest rate is temporary. There are also fixed APRs... more

Overdraft Protection

...certainly far more affordable than an NSF fee. Even when a fee is charged, the bank may allow you to transfer the funds without incurring any charges. If you know that money in your account is tight, you can do the transfer yourself before the check arrives to avoid the... more