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The Effect of Student Loans on Your Credit bad credit”, but that does not have to be the case. You have the choice, you can use your student loans to destroy your credit, or you can use them to build your credit. How a Student Loan Can Hurt Your Credit Student loans, like most any other loan,... more

Bad Credit Loans

...If you have a tarnished credit history, don’t search in the darkest depths of the Internet to find new credit. Legitimate companies online and offline are willing to lend as long as you meet a few conditions. You can get mortgages, personal loans, auto loans and student loans just... more

Types of Student Loans

...Student Loans The Ford program offers needs-based and other loans; the Perkins program offers needs-based loan distributed through eligible colleges and universities. Significantly, most Department of Education programs provide funds without the need to pass a credit check. The PLUS program, which lends money to student family members, uses a... more

Types of Student Loans

...PLUS Loans require a credit check. Applicants cannot show signs of bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession or other adverse credit events. The current annual interest rate is 6.41 percent. Because Direct PLUS Loans are more expensive and require credit checks, borrowers should look into Stafford Loans first. Health Professions Student Loans Full-time... more

Student Loans Without Credit Checks

...Public Versus Private Sources With one exception, student loan programs administered by the Department of Education do not require credit checks. The exception is the PLUS program which provides loans to family members for the benefit of an eligible student. Private lenders require credit checks as a condition of... more

Private Student Loans

...of loans for college. Family members can structure loans in terms, interest rates and repayment schedules. Banks, credit unions, private companies, and lending institutions offer student loans to qualified borrowers. The rates and terms vary and usually depend on assets and credit scores. Most lenders offer some form of deferment... more

What Are Installment Loans?

...the contract and whether it can be ended early, with or without penalties. Collateral requirement: As with any loan, the bank may require some form of security before approving the financing. This practice is especially common with bad credit loans. If the borrower stops making payments, the bank can repossess... more

How to Shop for a Student Loan in 8 Steps

...Seven out of ten college students now take out loans to fund their education. With the average debt rising to more than $29,000, getting the best deal is essential. The following tips can help undergraduates and grad students of any age shop for the best student loans. 1. Decide... more

What Does Your Credit Score Tell You?

...– 650 Bad Credit 0 – 349 Unestablished Credit The average credit score in America is 693. However, it takes time and good repayment habits to build a good credit rating. You may note that having absolutely no credit is just as bad, or worse, than having bad credit. Although... more

How to Get a Student Loan for College That Pays for All Your Rent and Books

...rise over time. Persons with little credit history or poor credit will need a qualified co-signer to take responsibility for repayment. While commercial loans may be the only way for some students to attend college, they are not the low-cost way to use student loans Federal Direct Plus Loans With... more