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The Effect of Student Loans on Your Credit

...With the price of higher education today, student loans have become a necessity for many. When getting a student loan, remember that it can have a very long effect on your credit and also on your parents’ credit if they co-sign for you. Some are inclined to think “student... more

Bad Credit Loans everyone else. Keep reading to uncover the secrets of loans for people with bad credit. I Don’t Need a Bad Credit Loan, Do I? If you think you may need a bad credit loan, you probably do. Nearly a quarter of Americans fall into the subprime category of borrowing.... more

Student Loans Without Credit Checks

...Public Versus Private Sources With one exception, student loan programs administered by the Department of Education do not require credit checks. The exception is the PLUS program which provides loans to family members for the benefit of an eligible student. Private lenders require credit checks as a condition of... more

Types of Student Loans

...the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA. Stafford Loans In 2012, an average of $6,800 in Stafford Loans went to undergrads and $17,000 went to grad students. Any student with financial need can take out a Direct Stafford Loan. These loans come at a 3.86 percent interest rate for... more

Types of Student Loans

...Student Loans The Ford program offers needs-based and other loans; the Perkins program offers needs-based loan distributed through eligible colleges and universities. Significantly, most Department of Education programs provide funds without the need to pass a credit check. The PLUS program, which lends money to student family members, uses a... more

Private Student Loans

...until the student completes his or her course of study. However, some lenders require repayment to begin immediately. Credit unions and employer-based loan programs offer terms based on the relationship with the lender and should be considered. Many private lenders offer lower monthly payments than federal loans, and this is... more

What Are Installment Loans?

...the contract and whether it can be ended early, with or without penalties. Collateral requirement: As with any loan, the bank may require some form of security before approving the financing. This practice is especially common with bad credit loans. If the borrower stops making payments, the bank can repossess... more

How to Shop for a Student Loan in 8 Steps

...Seven out of ten college students now take out loans to fund their education. With the average debt rising to more than $29,000, getting the best deal is essential. The following tips can help undergraduates and grad students of any age shop for the best student loans. 1. Decide... more

What Does Your Credit Score Tell You? is imperative not to overextend your finances, it is also important to demonstrate through the timely repayment of creditors that you are a good credit risk. Otherwise, getting serious loans or credit cards with decent interest rates can be incredibly difficult. How Do Banks and Lenders View These Ranges?... more

How to Get a Student Loan for College That Pays for All Your Rent and Books

...rise over time. Persons with little credit history or poor credit will need a qualified co-signer to take responsibility for repayment. While commercial loans may be the only way for some students to attend college, they are not the low-cost way to use student loans Federal Direct Plus Loans With... more