Security camera systems consist of basic parts and components. Security camera systems have cameras, wires and connectors, command consoles, DVR temporary storage, viewing screens, software, and long-term storage units. They differ from stand-alone cameras because they are complete, integrated combinations that record, hold, store, and replay information. The more comprehensive systems have remote access built in or available as a downloadable application. Security systems have cameras rated for indoors and outdoors uses. This means they are weather proof, usually with an anodized metal covering, and have settings for indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. A full security system is ideal for residences or businesses that require both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Price and features go up in direct proportion, and the most elaborate systems can require a substantial initial investment.

Smart Trends

Smart home technology is another trend that has moved into the home security market. Smart home technology offers the advantage of customization to the individual unit‘s environment. It can offer camera connections and remote viewing while at the same time monitoring for safety, thermostats, and turning on lights in a random pattern. Smart home technology can be a replacement for surveillance camera systems, or it can integrate them into a customized command and control network of nearly every household function. In a sense, consumers can approach home security from the vantage of smart home technology and add or integrate camera systems. They can approach it as a surveillance system and use smart home technology as a complement to the main security focus. Much depends on the needs of the individual. The urgency for protection may be higher than the desire for efficiency.

Major Brands

Among the five top brands on many expert lists are the following makers: Q-See, Amcrest, Swann, Zmodo, Defender, Lorex, and Dropcam. Q-See and Lorex, for example, distributes through big-box retailer Home Depot and also online with Amazon