Anyone who is preparing to rent a car for their next trip should know that there are some fees the rental companies suggest which are not mandatory. It is important to be as frugal as possible when taking a vacation or business trip, which is why every traveler should be able to identify optional car rental fees, and also know how to avoid paying them.

Rental Car Insurance

One of the fees that rental car companies seem to be adamant about is adding insurance to a rental in case of damage to the vehicle. But the traveler may already have the proper coverage in place with existing services and may not need to pay a fee each day for the additional insurance.

Prior to setting up a rental car agreement, there are two companies that a traveler should call. The first is the traveler’s auto insurance company to find out what kind of coverage the company offers for rental car damage. It may be that the traveler’s auto insurance company offers all of the coverage necessary for any possible contingency.

The other phone call a traveler needs to make is to the credit company they will be using for the car rental. Some credit cards are specifically designed to benefit travelers and offer rental car insurance. Any traveler who does not use a credit card that offers rental car insurance should get one before their next trip.

Airport Fees And Extra Charges

Most travelers do not realize that the rental car companies at airports charge additional fees just for the convenience of their location. A smart traveler will shop around to find out the difference in cost between an airport rental location and a location that is not at the airport. The cost of the cab ride from the airport to the car rental location could be an investment that results in more significant savings for any traveler.

Avoid The GPS Surcharge

The idea of having a GPS system being included with a rental car can sound convenient, but it may be unnecessary. Most smartphones come with GPS systems and can easily help a traveler to get where they need to go. Any traveler that has a portable GPS system they use when they travel around their home are can bring that GPS system with them to save on these unnecessary charges.

Watch For Add-Ons

Before signing a car rental agreement, a traveler needs to read the agreement and look for unnecessary add-ons. For example, some companies will charge a daily fee for satellite radio services that the traveler may never use. A simple review of the rental contract can save a traveler a lot of money on the cost of the rental.

Renting a car is an essential part of any business trip or vacation. But travelers that do rent cars need to pay close attention to the fees being charged by the car rental companies. Some of those fees are unnecessary and having those fees removed can save a traveler a great deal of money.