The 2016 election cycle is, at last, coming to a close. Record numbers of people have turned out to the polls this year to vote early, with over 22 million ballots placed by October 31. However, there are still many people across the country who plan to vote on election day, and some of those people may still be undecided about their decision.

If you are one of those undecided voters, you’re probably looking for sources of reputable, non-partisan information that can help you to make your choice. It can be hard to cut through all of the media attention placed on this year’s election, so we’re here to make your search easy!

Here are some reputable, informative sources you can count on to get informed before voting tomorrow:

Where to Vote: Google has a helpful widget that will allow you to find your appropriate polling center. Just type “where to vote” in Google, and it will prompt you to input your address in order to find your polling location. Figure out where you’re headed now so you’re not lost tomorrow!

How to Choose a Candidate: To find out which candidate aligns most closely with your values and politics, take the quiz at If you haven’t been keeping up with the campaigns, or if you’ve gotten confused about the core issues, this can help you get back on track.

Other Essential News: Ballotpedia offers a very thorough look at the candidates, their positions, and up-to-date polls. If you need to catch up with the campaign in a few minutes, this non-partisan election site can help you cut through the headlines and find what’s important to you.

Remember: No matter which candidate you choose, the most important thing is that you exercise your right to vote. Take some time to get informed, make a plan for finding your polling location, and get out there to make sure your voice is heard.