Selecting affordable equipment can be a simple task made difficult by the number of choices. The entry price level market is crowded as sellers compete to help consumers get a toe in the ocean of home surveillance. With price points in the range of $100 or less, affordable stand-alone security cameras are the ideal place to start protecting a home or parts of a business.

Under $100 cameras

• FujiKam 361 HD sells for $99.99. It is an indoor plug and play device with two-way audio. It has an app for IOS and Android systems. It features high-quality images and night vision. Pan tilt and zoom and motion activation. It does not network to a recording device and only uses an onboard SD card for storage.
• Foscam fl9803P is an outdoor option with similar pricing at $79.99. It stores to an additionally charged cloud storage system, has a 65-foot outdoor viewing range, and motion detection.

Under $350 camera systems

• ZMODO PKD-DK4216 sells for $149.99, and it is a four-channel wired system. The four cameras are indoor or outdoor ready with networking to a hard drive for storage. The monitor is an extra, and the console has a built-in 500 GB drive. The night distance is short, only 30 feet, with motion activation. The hard drive format categorizes incidents or events for easy paging and retrieval.
• Best Vision Systems SK-DVR-DIY sells for $279.99 and has eight channels and eight cameras. It offers 654-foot night range, and one can view remotely from smartphone or Web browser. It uses motion detection and stores to an included 500GB drive.
• Lorex LW Series includes a monitor, two wireless cameras with 65 feet outdoor night vision. It stores to an onboard 32 GB SD card. It expands to four cameras.