Stand Out for Engaging Customers

Customer relations is a concern for nearly every business; customer satisfaction is a top priority. Managers spend a lot of time and effort trying to improve organizational processes to align with the goal of meeting customer needs. In retail situations, many firms invest heavily in the voice of the consumer surveys. Customer engagement takes many forms, and it is a hidden or underused tool among steps every business can do to improve its brand, increase its visibility, and promote better customer relations. An enthusiastic and friendly employee can make a connection with a customer that in turn creates goodwill, trust, and greater confidence. One way to get noticed by superiors is to engage and connect with customers.

Get Noticed for Extra Effort

In a company of any size, managers notice employees who give extra effort to complete tasks and assignments. Completing assignments on time and with excellence makes a deep impression on managers. Over time, employees tend to establish norms or usual levels of performance; those who exceed them, and do so regularly, stand out.

Volunteer in the Office

When an urgent situation arises, and management needs some extra time, effort, or unexpected contribution, they will remember the people who raised their hands and said yes. Volunteering can especially work to one’s advantage when there is an opportunity to help another employee. Someone, for example, in a short-handed department, will also likely not forget the volunteer that came to the rescue. Volunteering signifies that one is a team player, and this is a desirable trait in an employee. It suggests leadership potential.

Volunteer Outside the Office

Most companies take the idea of corporate citizenship seriously. It matters little whether inspired by goodness or reaching for good publicity; for the employee, volunteering is a great way to get noticed. Two immediate results occur when employees volunteer. First, some wonderful cause can get needed help, and the personal rewards of volunteering are enormous. Second, the employee gets a chance to demonstrate character traits and possibly skills. Some volunteer work can use skills that otherwise might go unnoticed. Participation in a volunteer activity speaks to one’s character. Good character is a great trait for superiors to notice.

Increase the Workload

Most employees want more money for more work, and that is a rational position to hold; nonetheless, an excellent way to get noticed is to reach for more work. It can be an expansion of the scope of existing work or work in a skill area not used in the normal flow. One should be careful not to take on more than one is gladly willing to bear, but the results of taking on more work are extremely positive. Managers will see someone willing to pull a greater share of the load, and that suggests an interest in the success of the organization and potential for leadership.

Improving Appearance

Appearance makes an impression on one’s superiors. More important, it makes an impression that remains when they think in terms of assignments. Some of the more advantageous work assignments in any organization might involve public appearances, working with clients, or working with top officers in the organization. Appearance is part of the performance of one’s work; people who make an impressive appearance while working are, in fact, more impressive than those with an unremarkable presentation. It can be helpful to think of work time as a performance, and the idea is to make a memorable impression on the audience.

Taking Initiative

Anyone can wait until asked to do something, and when done well managers appreciate the result. The stand-out performers do not wait, and these demonstrate star quality by actions. Taking initiative suggests ambition and drive, and these are very desirable characteristics for one’s team and when selecting candidates for rewards and promotions.

The Golden Rule

The golden rule of getting noticed by superiors is to make your boss look golden; make your boss shine. Employees who make their bosses look good can earn respect and gratitude from their superiors.