Rolls-Royce is a name that is commonly brought up when you want to know how to shop for luxury cars. The British luxury car company and wholly owned BMW subsidiary is known for its innovation and reputation in the industry, and this year is no exception to the rule. From its announcement of a new SUV in development to its new Rolls-Royce Phantom model making the headlines, Rolls-Royce has been at work protecting its brand name and reputation.

Release of a new Rolls-Royce SUV

One of the major announcements that has been made revolves around the development of an SUV, codenamed Project Cullinan. The product is scheduled for release in 2018 and will compete against established luxury SUV models such as the Bentley Bentayga and Range Rover SVAutobiography. Although many details about the project are still unknown to the public, Giles Taylor, one of the designers, hinted at the possibility before the announcement.

The main inspiration behind the design of the vehicle has been the older Rolls-Royce cars, which the Indian Maharajas used for their transportation. Those models drew attention to their large wheels and great ride height. The company wants use their past as a means to develop a new vehicle that will appeal to customers who love to have fun navigating through rugged terrains.

When this SUV makes its debut on the market, you can also expect to see the V12 engine, which will run at over 600 horsepower. The vehicle will also offer an aluminum build in its space frame, all factors to consider when deciding how to shop for luxury cars.

A new generation of the Phantom set for a future release

The current generation of the Rolls-Royce Phantom has been out on the market since 2003, but production will cease due to a new model that will be released in 2018. Like the SUV, the new version of the Phantom will use an aluminum structure and production will begin Dec. 31. The company will continue to sell existing Phantoms throughout 2017.

If cost is a factor in your decision on how to shop for luxury cars, you may want to wait to see what the price of the next Phantom will be, and then compare the price of the current model to make an informed decision before purchasing. The price for the Phantom begins at around $417,825.


Rolls-Royce has a grand vision in wanting to overhaul their current assortment of cars to choose from. Many of the changes are focused on using new materials and updating models that have been in use for over a decade.