Starting a business can add a source of income for employed or unemployed persons. It can fill space in between jobs, and some start-ups grow into prosperous, rewarding businesses. The following are some easy business start-up ideas that require little or no investment and simple tools. Many require Internet access and a computer.

1. The Handyman and Woman

The handy person is a great way to earn money today for those with some skills at home repair and maintenance. Many people need repair services, and particularly in fixing up older homes to resell them. Most owners have long lists of undone home repairs and DIY projects. They would gladly pay a fee for someone to handle these projects. One can start by posting ads at a local home improvement store and on the Internet. One needs a basic set of tools and some small power tools to get started.

2. Dog Walking

Pets are family members for many pet owners, and they get tender loving care. When travel and other obligations interfere, pet owners must arrange for pet care. Dog walking is a great way to start a business and it can grow into a niche in a local community. Dogs are social animals, and a dog walking service can form a healthy group. This is a business best done by someone who enjoys dogs. Getting started can be as simple as posting signs in the neighborhoods to be served and especially in the parks.

3. Childcare and Babysitting

A traditional startup still has vitality, and short-term childcare has a premium today in an age of two working parents and many single parent households. Charged by the hour, babysitting fees can vary for the circumstances including details of care required such as any special needs. To get started use friends and word of mouth. One can advertise in local papers, at the grocery store, schools, and churches. It is good to dedicate some part of the home to childcare activities such as keeping some new or cleanable toys, games, and child-size furnishings.

4. Social Media Expert

Many businesses and individuals realize the benefits of social media presence but do not have the time, staff resources, or interest needed to do the necessary tasks. There is a growing demand for people who can perform social media functions. As a part-time role or consultant, one can build a successful business using knowledge and effort to promote clients on the major social media platforms. Getting started may be difficult but local business associations would be a great place to begin with posts and ads.

5. Woodwork and Wood Furniture

Homeowners love to beautify their inside and outside living areas with finely crafted wood furnishings. Well-crafted wood items are expensive, and they have a wonderful quality of maintaining their appearance. Outdoor wooden furniture ages and weathers beautifully particularly when made from select wood like cedar. Lawn and deck pieces can have rustic styling and a substantial silhouette. Woodworkers design and build finely crafted indoor pieces with ornamental details. With a set of hand tools and a few small machines, one can develop a following for custom made wood furniture. Posting photos of completed items on a website is a great way to start along with local advertising. One can sell and show at local sites and flea markets.

6. Transcription

With a steady demand from health care providers, professional transcription is a field that continues to gain importance. The difficulty of listening, understanding, and writing spoken words has eluded software and machines thus far. It takes a human listener to understand and write clinical notes, accurately render official records and other spoken words. This business requires a transcription playback machine to play and pause and replay.

7. Virtual Assistant

People with strong organization and interpersonal skills can fill an important role for busy people and small businesses. They can handle a range of tasks that require attention to detail. Virtual assistant assignments range from collecting dry cleaning and laundry to scheduling appointments for professional practices. The virtual assistant operates from a remote location, usually a home, and conducts a lot of assignments by phone and Internet. To get started, one must reach out; there are great opportunities to work with small businesses and solo practitioners.