Successful people exhibit behaviors that set them apart from others. When analyzing the reasons for individual achievement some traits, habits, and abilities stand out, and they suggest a connection with success. There are many ways to describe success and also the likely elements that make it happen. Here, in the following paragraphs, are seven personal attributes that successful people have.


First in the list may be the trait of toughness. Called by many names such as grit and determination, it is the ability to stick to an objective despite difficulties and failures that would stop nearly everyone else. Grit is also a measure of the ability to face opposition and take sometimes unpopular positions. In the current era, there is a strong pattern of reliance on approval of peers and others. Approval is also a test of determination. There is a maxim that expresses this idea well, it takes a strong person to stand up to his or her foes, but an even stronger person to stand up to their friends.

Believing in One’s Self

Confidence is something often observed in successful people. Like grit, it defies the circumstances, and that seems to be a critical step towards success. It manifests itself as the ability to resist the drag effect of people who do not see the meaning of the journey, and events that pose obstacles. Belief makes the burdens of progress light, and self-reliance comes easily.


People who take responsibility for their actions have a much better chance of success than those who rely on others. Responsibility requires that one shoulder the burden of progress. Blame is a seductive illusion, and it is easy to charge others for one’s lack of achievement. Self-reliant people rise early and gladly take actions; they have exceptional motivation and a strong sense of independence. Self-reliance dictates many hours of hard work for successful people.

Hard Work

When the nine-to-five day ends, the self-reliant person’s day may be just beginning. Refusing to be ruled by clocks and schedules, they follow a task until they achieve a result. One does not succeed by working to exhaustion, and many brilliant and creative people find efficient ways to achieve goals. There is no particular virtue to sweat and laborious effort. The key is to give all the time and effort that is needed. This is the characteristic that separates achievers from others; they put in the time and effort needed to win. One must also learn to sustain the effort by the belief that the path is right, and the goal is within reach.

Ability to Be Happy

It may be odd to consider happiness as an ability, and let alone as something rare, and that must be learned. However, simply considering the incidence of happy people in one’s life may reveal a surprising paucity. On many occasions, one observes a person who always seems happy; it is a revealing comment. Success sometimes encounters difficulties, and many people cannot accept the struggle as a form of achievement. Those who can maintain a positive attitude and a sense of personal satisfaction have a powerful advantage. Happiness is a choice that propels one towards success. An honest appraisal of the level of difficulty and the required effort is a basis for success.


Integrity begins within the individual, and it fills the relationships with the world. Integrity is the ability to be honest with one’s self, as illusions are easy, and progress can be difficult. It is a distinction that one cannot safely blur. Leadership is a key to success; no one achieves success alone and without the willing assistance of many others. Personal integrity creates a basis for cooperation. Trust is a powerful tool in the effort to achieve, and integrity sustains trust. Integrity is a characteristic that communicates itself to others.


Like mortar that makes bricks into a wall, communication brings together the elements that one needs for success. Whether by great use of words, symbols or leadership by example, communicating the direction and goals of an effort can determine the likelihood of success.

One should not underestimate the power of talent and ability to achieve; however, success is often not easy. Because it is often hard, successful people acquire and demonstrate strengths to overcome barriers.