The trend towards healthy food has been picking up steam over the last few years, but people still want convenience when it comes to their diet. This has given rise to a number of popular and lucrative franchises that are directed at fast, healthy, and tasty food. For those that are looking for their own franchise, here is a glimpse at the top companies providing food and services that appeal to the health-conscious customer.

The Pros and Cons

The primary advantage of buying into the health food craze is just that: it has become a worldwide craze. The market for natural foods, beverages, and supplements is on the rise and quite a bit of this can be directed at fast food and other similar companies. While the top franchises are backed by some of the biggest investors in the world and show no signs of slowing down, newcomers to the market may not have the security of their competition. This is why it is so important for potential buyers to put a little extra time into researching the company as well as their own local market before finally making a purchase.

Leading Franchise Options

As with any financial venture, buyers are going to want to decide on the scale of investment that they are looking for with healthy food franchises. Luckily, with companies that are focused on providing healthy and natural foods there are a slew of options coming in at almost every price range. For those that are looking for a smaller investment, juice and smoothie bars such as Smoothie King require very little in the way of initial capital, utilize as little as 6 staff members, and allow for absentee franchise ownership for those that want a hands-off approach.

Moving up from smaller juice bars come a number of made-to-order restaurants such as Saladworks. Initially popular on the east coast of the United States, Saladworks has the simple premise of using fresh products to make personalized salads. As the company grows in popularity, they are now offering pre-packaged meals in markets, smoothies, and other healthy additions. This company was established back in 1968 and has proven staying power making it an excellent option for blending mid-range affordability and a little more security when it comes to one’s finances.

Larger investment opportunities include companies like Panera Bread that have become phenomenally popular in recent years. Those that walk into a Panera Bread may hesitate to compare it to other healthy food franchises, but that is exactly the angle that they are going for. Instead of traditional burger joints that offer a variety of fatty and sugar-laden foods with only a handful of healthy options, Panera Bread provides customers with a slew of healthy and fresh foods with a few minor desert products.

For investors that would like to maximize their appeal to local demographics, it may be best to diversify the menu with a franchise like Noodles and Company. This relatively new company has just 204 locations but it provides customers with options for Mediterranean, Asian, and American food options. Health enthusiasts love the lean meat products such as hormone-free beef, antibiotic-free chickens, and ethically farmed shrimp.

So Is It Worth It?

Any investment, no matter how of a sure thing it may seem, will always still come with some risk. When it comes to healthy food franchises, it is all about focusing one’s research on two distinct factors. The first is the type of restaurant and its overall reputation. Health enthusiasts will quickly transition their patronage to another company if a business develops an unsavory reputation. The second focus should be on local demographics, if they are going to support that style of business, and how much of an appeal that lifestyle and food will have with them for the next 10 years or longer.