Wireless home security cameras cost more than wired cameras. They do not require professional installation, and that saves money and time. The primary advantage of wireless cameras is that one can move them around. Many experts think wireless cameras are ideal for small systems that use one or two cameras. Wireless systems are vulnerable to hacking because they are based on Internet Protocols. Manufacturers encrypt them, and users can install password protection. Wireless cameras require more bandwidth and storage capacity than wired cameras, and they can pick up interference from radio and magnetic sources.

Computer Based Systems

Wireless systems require some basic knowledge of a computer network. One has to set up a path from the cameras to the viewing and recording device. This involves the cameras, router, and configuring ports and the computer systems. Remote viewing by cellphone will need a downloadable application.

Self-install and Maintenance

Self-installation and routine maintenance save a lot of money and time. The system is much more convenient and useful when the owner can tweak and repair minor glitches. With a little patient learning and a small amount of computer knowledge, one can master the details needed to set-up and maintain a wireless camera system.