McDonald's Headquarters

It’s a virtual game changer for the fast-food industry as McDonald’s rolls out its self-service kiosks and table service at select restaurants nationwide. Add the mobile payment option and digital menu boards, and once again McDonald’s is setting the standard for fast-food service, and it might be near impossible to thrive in this competitive industry if other fast-food companies do not follow the example.

In 2017, McDonald’s will start offering an even more customer-centric environment. Consumers will have the option to use McDonald’s self-service kiosks, which will get equipped with digital menus. The large touch screen menus will allow customers to choose their meal without a crew member taking their order.

Customers will no longer have to worry about the other people behind them in line as they try to quickly review the menu options and make a pressure decision about what they want for lunch. Instead, McDonald’s patrons will order at the self-service kiosks, and then they will take a seat. When their order is ready, they no longer have to retrieve it at the counter, and instead, a restaurant employee will bring their order to their table.

In addition to the new service, McDonald’s announced that it would add new options to the menu. Guests will also be able to tailor their order to their liking. For instance, consumers will be able to choose different rolls for their sandwich of choice. The kiosks will accept some payment options. However, if you decide to pay with cash, you still must visit the counter to pay for your order.

Still, this is a significant step forward for the 61-year-old chain, and it shows a commitment to utilizing available technologies to make fast-food service even quicker and even more customer friendly. The new technologies are expected to be especially popular with families who have young children. It will allow consumers to order without getting rushed, and then take a seat instead of waiting with at the counter with small children.

Also expected at some time in 2017, McDonald’s has plans to launch a new mobile pay app, which will allow patrons to order and pay before they even arrive at a McDonald’s. The fast food hopes its recent efforts to make fast-food even faster will bring more customers, and those customers will leave more satisfied.