With the world getting closer through rapid communications and Information Technology, it is easy to get lost in the swirl of news and events. Then one might see a blur across the screen, and the image of the latest new SUV crossover. One realizes some changes are cool, exciting, and bring an easy smile. 2015 is a great model year to select a new car. Some of the new luxury models are simply outstanding.

The Audi A6

The combination of power, speed, and styling makes the Audi A6 an ideal car. It has intangibles too; a pedigree of great automobiles relating it to the Porsche dominance of the European Formula One racing circuits. For 2015, the Quattro all-wheel drive A6 continues its eye-catching style, articulated head and tail lights, and road-hugging stance. The A6 takes command on the highways with instant acceleration from a 2.0L power plant. However to truly experience the smooth ride, exceptional handling and balance, one must find a winding country road.

The 2015 Lexus RC Coupe

The style is space-age in an era when many vehicles offer advanced styling; the Lexus Coupe stands out. It is a luxury car, but it has the character of a muscle car, a vehicle designed with power and speed in mind. The refinements on the Lexus RC are cutting edge. It had a customizable ride control, enhanced steering, and electronic console that converts into a remote. The seven or eight settings on the multi-speed transmissions of recent model years adds to the response and a smooth power curve.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

There are far more expensive vehicles in the Mercedes line-up, but the C-Class has the essential spirit of a Mercedes and a price range that compares to U.S. luxury cars. The C class offers a number of models, and each has solid construction, great handling, power and speed. The cabin is comfortable and quiet. The materials are excellent, and the electronics accommodate high-speed WIFI and excellent connectivity. A four-cylinder power plant is standard, and a V-6 is optional and worth the price.

The Hyundai Genesis

It reminds one of a sleek European luxury sedan; the Genesis represents a high-water mark for Hyundai. It will compare well to other luxury sedans but with a smaller price tag. It has a well-appointed interior with excellent electronics and connectivity. Controls are intuitive and easy to understand and operate. The engine is standard V-6 with a throaty V-8 option that adds punch. It comes in an all wheel drive. The real attraction is the overall balance styling, power, handling and price. It offers luxury and an attractive price.

2015 Cadillac CTS

The only U.S. maker on the list deserves to be here. The Cadillac CTS has sporty feel and high-end luxury. The American roads still favor large cars, and although the trend is towards smaller on the average, the CTS is a classic highway cruiser. The CTS has dramatic styling to go with a big, powerful 420 horsepower V-6 engine. It has a luxurious interior, a great ride, and comes with Bose sound and entertainment options.

The Dream Car

Tesla Model S is a dream car. It is an electric vehicle that proves that a functional luxury vehicle can run from an electric outlet with the same power, speed, and comforts as the best luxury cars on the market. Buyers can rationalize the costs by pointing to the savings from not buying gasoline. However, that does not make the sticker price shrink. The gasoline savings accumulate over time, and the battery life diminishes with years of usage too. While its price doubles the Mercedes C Class vehicles, the Tesla Model S is a landmark in auto production. It compares to the other vehicles on the list for performance and handling; as an electric vehicle, it has achieved an auto owner’s dream.