The current market has several noticeable trends and a slightly changed trajectory. Today, the Dow stands at 18,047 and the S&P 500 at 2111. The market has not had a correction (10-20 percent drop) since 2011. Oil prices and the strong dollar have stabilized, and economic planners have built them into their assumptions and projections. The Fed has set the stage but has not yet moved on interest rates. In this economic environment, the following stock recommendations follow trends, analysis and news and the impact of events. The overall consensus appears to be that the market will rise this calendar year but not as spectacularly as the past five-year averages of about 23 percent. Many experts favor European issues for growth potential.

1. Solar City Corporation(NASDAQ: SCTY)

A leader in solar panel with over 98,000 installations, Solar City is also connected to Tesla and the revolutionary Powerwall electric storage system. This combination gives it a great present market role and an intriguing future position. Solar energy expansion fits into a working model of home production of energy and sale of net surplus to the electric grid. It uses creative financing to fund its production; asset-based financing has pushed to the forefront and to one billion on backing from Credit Suisse

2.Under Armour – Under Armour (NYSE: UA)

Performance athletic apparel is an advertising-driven business. Once a company establishes a dominant brand, it gains market share by word of mouth and the presence of its product everywhere from televised sporting events to the kids next door. Under Armour has posted impressive profits for five years, and its brand has reached icon proportions. The current quarter marks the twentieth consecutive of greater than twenty percent sales growth. In a global economy, they have become a global brand in an expanding apparel niche.

3. Intel- Intel Corp (NASDAQ:INTC)

The transition from the PC is a slow evolution, and Intel has begun to show that it can thrive. It has focused on mobile devices, the expanding cloud technology, and with leading IT innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT). Intel has begun to grow in these markets and its research, development, and production resources will continue to lead remarkable levels of growth.

4. Micron Technology – Micron Technology Inc (NASDAQ: MU)

With the acquisition of the Japanese company Elpida, Micron has positioned itself for long-term capital growth and short-term profits from expanding markets. The chip maker has performed well in recent years and exceeded analyst’s projections. With its new market advantages, it can build on volume to enhance profits and earnings.

5. The Home Depot – Home Depot (NYSE: HD)

The resilience of Home Depot as an investor haven is this: when times are good people spend money to improve their homes and save by doing it themselves. When times are difficult, people must save money by fixing up their homes and doing the work themselves. The result is that in affluent and penny-pinching times, Home Depot is the place to shop for millions of US homeowners doing needed or optional improvements. The stock is currently down from all-time highs that make it a bit of an opportunity for investors to gather the next expected rise when income reports come in. Home Depot will also rise on the rising housing markets and particularly in depressed market areas where investors swoop to buy surplus housing and fix them up for resale,

Bonus Point. Etsy – Etsy Inc (NASDAQ:ETSY)

One that almost made the list is ETSY. This company still fresh off of its IPO has grown into a $3 billion enterprise using the most old-fashioned ideas with state of the art technology. The market for antique styles, handmade items, and keepsakes has blossomed into a surprisingly large volume of customers; the estimated base exceeds 19 million consumers. This issuer has many risks including being new and in competition with Amazon. But because it is new and experiencing growing pains, the stock is lower than its recent high, and it offers an opportunity for long-term growth on a very impressive e-tail base.

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