AppDynamics was started in 2008 and manages application performance which enables software companies to gauge performance. This little San Francisco based company is currently valued at $2 billion dollars. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company recently reached out to both Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to potentially serve as underwriters for an IPO within the next year.


This California based semiconductor firm was launched in 2004. The company has raised close to $200 million dollars over the last decade. Recent talks with Morgan Stanley could result in an IPO by the new year. Aquantia designs the chips that allow Ethernet cables to communicate with computers and networking equipment.

Carbon Black

Carbon Black is one of the few tech companies on the list not out of Silicon Valley. This little Waltham, Massachusetts security company is largely backed by its neighbor, Accomplice, a venture capital firm located in Cambridge. The company closed a Series F round of funding last fall and seems poised for an IPO some time in the near future.

China Music

China Music Corp. is a Chinese music streaming service backed by internet giant, Tencent. The firm has entered talks with the investment firms Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to investigate tapping into the US market with an IPO sometime in the next year. This becomes even more apparent as the Chinese government has stifled such IPOs in China.


According to Fortune, Domo‘s CEO Josh James has commented, “We’re ready, but we’re not in a hurry,” when asked to comment about his Utah-based startup finally going public. While the company refuses to speculate as to when this may happen, it has been documented that the firm is working closely with both Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse Group to get the IPO ball officially rolling. The company is currently valued at $2 billion dollars.


Okta is an enterprise software company valued at over $1.2 billion dollars. The company has recently hired Goldman Sachs to explore a potential IPO within the next year. There is also rumor that this San Francisco based startup could be acquired by another firm in lieu of an initial public offering, so the future is still relatively ambiguous, but they can not be ruled out.

Optiv Security

This Denver-based cybersecurity company is working with both Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to prepare for potentially going public. Optiv is financially backed by the larger Blackstone security firm and is valued at upward of $2 billion dollars. Like Okta, the company is also exploring acquisition prospects.


Quantenna Communications makes Wi-Fi chips they claim can make the internet six times faster. The company has hired several investment firms including Deutsche Bank and Barclays to explore a potential IPO within the year. Morgan Stanley would be the lead underwriter.


This hot Swedish firm is the world’s largest on-demand streaming service. The company recently completed their latest round of financing securing over $1 billion in the process. In order to do this, Spotify made a convertible deal with investors which allow them to trade their promissory notes for equity. This deal seems to make Spotify‘s IPO an inevitability far more than a probability.