Objectives and Perspectives

The investment steps taken today can be judged by the investors goals. Goals and needs vary by investor circumstances, and those near retirements might have a different set of priorities than a new investor just beginning a career. Investment objectives can be the standard by which one assesses investments, although some argue that there is a single standard, profitability. This list of ten stocks to buy assumes various investor goals.

Dividend Stocks

For many investors, the benefits of investing are best expressed in profits taken. The following are three dividend stocks rated well by experts for present and future income. Diebold has increased its yield payout consistently over a period of sixty years. It is among the dividend aristocrats. IBM offers investors a chance to ride service expansion and cloud computing into consistent income flow. United Healthcare is a leader in the growing U.S. healthcare field. It only pays a consistent 1.5 percent dividend currently but has excellent prospects for further growth in the expansion of health care coverage. It is a leader in health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

Looking for Signs

With the falling oil prices, fuel costs are lower in the transportation sector. The surcharges for fuel have abated and attracted attention from analysts focused on regional air travel. For example, Alaska Air Group has a strong regional position in Alaska, and it has three things analyst value: new equipment, good labor costs control, and the overall fuel price windfall.

Global Market Mutual Funds

Mutual funds allow investors to cherry-pick the global economy’s sweetest offerings. Whether high dividends or emerging markets spawned by international economic sanctions, mutual funds can capture the streams of growth. India is in a position to grow from increased business from both sides of the economic sanctions issues. A leading one-year fund is iShares MSCI India Small Cap Index Fund (SMIN) which tracks an index of small India securities companies. It has a year to date growth figure of 50.65 percent. Market Vectors India Small-Cap Index ETF (SCIF) has a year to date return of 45.74 percent. It invests in securities and depository receipts reflecting the Market Vectors® India Small-Cap Index.

U.S. Market Mutual Funds

In the U.S., healthcare is a dynamic growth field. Fidelity® Select Biotechnology Portfolio is a leading three-year achiever. The fund has returned 37.94 percent over the past year, 45.37 percent over the past three years. Fidelity Advisor® Biotechnology Fund invests in medical and healthcare technology. The fund has returned 37.12 percent over the past year, 44.82 percent over the past three years.

Bargain Shopping for Stocks

The dominant world financial trend is in the volatile price of crude oil. For bargain seekers, this is a cue; many buyers find energy stocks undervalued. ConocoPhillips is a company that offers advantages in the short and long term. It has made reforms; it dropped certain lines of retail business and become leaner and more focused on high yield extractions in oil shale. Small cap energy companies can be great investments too. For example, Abraxas Petroleum has avoided a high debt load for exploration in the lucrative shale oil reserves. Reports have their break-even range in the $40-$60 per barrel price category. This status has stirred some analysts to put small-cap energy companies with low debt ratios into excellent investment categories.