Whether you have lots of money or you scrape by from one paycheck to the next, you can still have a spending problem. And as everyone knows, spending too much money is never a good thing (unless of course you’re a billionaire). If you think you might have a spending problem, here are 5 sure-fire signs to look for.

The local bartender knows your name

If you live in a rather large city and you don’t know the local bartender personally, yet he or she knows your name, then this is a good sign that perhaps you spend too much time at the bar, spending way too much money. And this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bar. It could be any type of establishment, such as McDonald’s, O’Charley’s, the local bowling alley, etc.

You don’t tell your spouse about all the money you spend

If you make purchases behind your spouse’s back, this is another sign that you’re probably making poor money choices. When you have items shipped to your best friend’s house because you don’t want your wife to know you bought a new golf club, it should be abundantly clear that your spending habits are out of control.

Your credit cards are maxed out

Sure, maxing out a credit card every once in awhile isn’t necessarily bad. After all, credit cards are meant to be used during emergencies. However, if you have cards that stay maxed out on a regular basis, then you definitely need to start watching your spending habits.

You constantly overlook bills

When you have bills stacked up to the ceiling, and you tend to overlook one or more of them each month because you can’t keep track of when each bill is due, then you’ve obviously got a spending problem. You should work to pay down each bill, one at a time.

You can’t go into a store and just buy milk

There are probably lots of times that you go into a store with the intention to buy just one or two items –bread and milk. However, when you get up to the checkout lane, you realize that your cart is overflowing with other items, and most of them are items that you don’t even need. If this sounds like you, then welcome yourself to the world of being a bad spender.