There are home remedies for common dog allergies and irritations. These remedies like the human counterparts have the benefit of years of experience. They do not necessarily involve veterinarian care, which is always a good step to take when illness or other serious conditions occur.


Using plastic bowls to feed and water a dog creates risks of illness and allergic reactions. Plastic bowls are porous, and these spaces are nesting places for germs and bacteria, the fissures cause bacteria build up and allergies, and sickness. Many dog treats contain chemicals and additives. Some dogs are sensitive to these compounds and develop allergic reactions. Many pet owners use small marshmallows to feed natural treats to dogs. This sweet wrapper helps avoid giving foods to dogs that trigger allergic reactions.

Treating Allergies, Rashes and Irritations

Dog owners can use a damp, wet towel to wipe the dog fur after walks or outside activity. This simple step can remove many allergens, dust, and airborne particles that might otherwise cause an allergic reaction or build up in the interior environment to remove allergens. One can add oil to food and diet to ease dry, itchy skin; for example, a three teaspoon per dosing or per meal.

Tips for Treating Symptoms

Many allergic reactions in dogs manifest as skin irritations, hot spots, and severe itching. An oatmeal bath is a popular home remedy for dog allergies and Itching. Itching can also signal flea infestation. Covering a floor with Borax powder and vacuuming leaves a potent flea killing residue of invisible crystals. The below listed items help with particular issues:

  • Use Epsom salts for wounds and swelling
  • Use brewer’s yeast in food to kill fleas
  • A Lemon juice spray can repel fleas
  • Apply chamomile tea chilled to soothe itchy irritated skin
  • Frequent baths help cure allergies (consult your veterinary to make sure you are not over-bathing your pet)

Wiping inner ears and infected areas with Apple-Cider vinegar is a great treatment for ear infections. It is a natural solution and inexpensive. Vinegar is an excellent treatment for cleaning household areas that affect dogs as well as human occupants. Consider switching cleaning your floors with vinegar, rather than harsh chemicals.