The market for cell phone accessories is large and contains many items necessary for the full enjoyment of cell phone services. These include protective equipment, add-ons, and attachments. One of the more popular cell phone accessories is the selfie stick. These extension pole devices allow users to take pictures of themselves by holding the camera away and using the handle control to snap the shutter.


Cases and covers are high on the list of accessories as are cleaning and maintenance items. Cell phones double as cameras, voice recorders, and media players. Most models accept extra ram and additional storage capacity. SD cards now hold up to 3 TB of data.

Hands-free Access

The great need for most cell phone users is ease of access to the phone while engaged in other activities and tasks. Headphones and wearable connection devices are important ways to expand the use of cell phones.

Bigger Sound

Cell phones can store music and video. As music players, cell phone owners may wish to fill a larger space than personal headphones. The use of phones as music players spawned an aftermarket for wireless speakers.