Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, holiday occasions, and events are each cause for spectacular sales on cell phones. Many retailers have a licensing arrangement and have exclusive sales rights for particular products. These include the hot new cell phones that fit into advertising programs and attract buyers seeking the latest and most dynamic cell phones.

Bundling Contracts and Advanced Phones

Cell phone deals give carriers opportunities to bundle plans and equipment into attractive packages. This creates a powerful brand identification and advertising drive. The top rated new phones frequently offer breakthrough features and create a buzz of consumer interest. By bundling the devices and plans, the carriers create a powerful incentive for users to get the latest and the carrier’s plans too.

Combining Value and Price

Low price is not always the prime object with carriers. While some such as Sprint and Ting base their marketing on attractive, low pricing, experts rate Verizon much higher. Verizon’s prices are higher, but its coverage and LTE speeds are first class. Though its prices are much higher, it offers the best value to most consumers. Verizon combines superior coverage and high-speeds and connectivity. They also deeply discount the latest and most feature-filled phones and devices and sell phones unlocked.