Send Funds From Anywhere

Western Union is an excellent way to send funds into the USA. With services available at locations around the globe, Western Union is the leading funds transfer service for transfers both to and from the USA. Senders can access transfers by telephone, online, and in-person at any of thousands of Western Union locations. Senders can use major bank credit and debit cards from leading Banks in the region. Offering the same quick cash delivery as when sending funds within the USA, Western Union has become a standard for reliability. Western Union offers fund pickup in cash or on a bank card. It has locations in every major metropolitan U.S. area, and in most cities it has several easy to reach locations. Often co-located with travel related services, Western Union offers a range of useful services that connect with fund transfers including money orders and debit cards.

Fast and Convenient Service

MoneyGram International has locations in most parts of Western Europe, extensive locations in South America and a representative number of sites in Asia. With partnerships with other companies and banking relationships with leading institutions, MoneyGram is another excellent choice for sending funds to the U.S.A. It offers transfers in mere minutes from across the globe. Senders can access MoneyGram online and use bank credit cards or debit cards to send. They can use cash for in-person transactions at hundreds of locations around the world. MoneyGram has a large number of locations in the U.S. including with Wal-mart stores.

Eurozone Transfers

Transferwise is an optimal choice for transfers to the U.S. from the UK and Western Europe, and the Eurozone. It makes online transfers from Western Europe to the USA simple and low fees transactions. The route of choice for companies and individuals, TransferWise is a leading source for fund transfers into the U.S. from major cities around the world.

UK Has Special Relationships

The Postal Service in the UK is a good low-cost method for transferring funds from the UK. It is a flexible service that can aid tourism in the U.S., as well as student stays. Low-cost services make it a great choice where ever it is available. Xendpay is a UK based agency that has extensive relationships with U.S. banks. With low-cost transfers and great rates of currency exchange, it is a popular choice.

Western Europe and Asia

TransferMate is based in the UK and Hong Kong, Australia and the Asian Pacific Republics. It handles transfers to the U.S. smoothly and with currency exchange service built-in. With offices in Western Europe’s financial centers, it is well positioned to work with leading Western Banks and U.S. service locations. TransferMate is a leading choice in all of the zones of operation because of its low rates and extensive banking network.

Many Sources of Transfers to USA

The U.S. economy and the dominance of the U.S. dollar make sources for transfers in quite convenient and numerous. Consumers must guard against excessive fees for currency exchange and poor exchange rates. In the U.S. there are an abundance of service locations for the leading funds transfer firms. The overseas brands are most easily found in the major U.S.cities.