Bed Bath and Beyond stores are located throughout the United States and online. These stores offer shoppers a wide-range of merchandise for the home including items for the kitchen, bathroom, the dining room and so much more.

Items For the Home Chef

Home Chefs who desire high-quality cookware will find many items that meet their standards at Bed Bath and Beyond. The stores and website carry a number of cookware sets from major manufacturers including Calphalon, Cuisinart and Faberware. Often hard to find specialty items aren’t hard to find at Bed Bath and Beyond stores. Specialty egg poachers, steamers and fryers will meet the needs of even the most demanding home chefs.


Bed Bath and Beyond isn’t just a store for those interested in culinary matters. When a customer shops these stores, she will find a host of items to brighten a home’s interior and bring abundant beauty to a once drab living space. Bed Bath and Beyond stores sell a full-line of area and accent rugs in a multitude of colors, designs and textures. Rugs are available for the bedroom, the entrance hall or a transition area between the backyard and the living area. In addition, the stores offer a vast selection of window treatments to bring an elegant look to a living room picture window or a small window in a downstairs half bath. Bed Bath and Beyond also offers lighting options for the home and an array of comfortable furnishings that include recliners by Pulaski and Madison Park.

Items For the Children

Bed Bath and Beyond shoppers shouldn’t forget that each store, and the online store, provide a number of options to meet the needs and wants of the youngest members of the family. Children’s games, toys and stuffed animals are available as are all of the accessories needed for newborns such as carriers, cribs and diapers.

Bed Bath and Beyond provides its customers with many items for the home and family in conveniently located, comfortable and well-lit stores. The online store is replete with special offers including special deals on shipping. In addition to the regular items offered, seasonal items are available at appropriate times of the year.