Why Do People Use Coupons?

People use coupons to save money; companies offer coupons to drive traffic to their store. Whatever the price of an item, using a coupon makes the sticker price a bit lower. In times of financial hardship, or just to make the money you have go a little further, it makes good sense to stretch your dollar.

What Types of Coupons are Available at Bed Bath And Beyond?

There are a couple of coupon types frequently sent out by Bed Bath and Beyond. The first is for a single item discount of 20% off now, or 10% off later. The second is for $5 off when you spend $15 or more. On occasion you might see a coupon card that offers you $25 off when you spend $125, but not often.

How Often Do Coupons Get Sent Out?

The marketing team indicated that coupon values and mail-out timings depend on current marketing approach and seasonal strategies. However, it seems mail-out coupons arrive every two to three weeks.

How Do You Get Coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond?

Looking to save money at Bed Bath and Beyond? It is easy to sign up. They offer lots of opportunities. The easiest option is to sign up on their web site www.bedbathandbeyond.com, or in the store. Their website homepage has a tab at the top marked “Sign Up for Offers.” Clicking on the tab brings up a form. Once the form is filled in, they will add you to their coupon lists for email, snail mail or both.
If you are willing to sign up for Mobile Offers, by texting OFFER2 to 239663, they will send first time subscribers a coupon worth 20% off a single item. That coupon is good online as well as in the store. Since most of the coupons they send out are for in-store only, this is a good deal.

How do I Use My Coupons?

Redeeming your Bed Bath and Beyond coupons is easy. Just present them at the register when you check out. If you forget your coupon, there is no problem. Bring it the next time you are in along with your receipt and they will refund to you the coupon’s value.

Are There Other Opportunities to Save at Bed Bath and Beyond?

On their website they offer the opportunity to connect with them through FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, or Pintrest. Following them on FaceBook will allow you to see some “special offers.” While these aren’t technically coupons, the offers could save you money.

Does Bed Bath and Beyond Honor Competitor’s Coupons?

Yes, they will honor coupons from manufacturers and competitors as long as they are unexpired. They will also match competitors’ prices on identical items.