The Internet has changed the way that people do their shopping. Instead of going to the store, the eCommerce world has brought the store directly to the customer. Most retailers these days offer coupons directly on their website. Customers may also be able to find coupons from sites that search for online offers and put them on one site for people to browse.

Can Online Coupons Be Used Offline?

In some cases, an online coupon can be downloaded and redeemed at a physical retail location. For instance, a shoe store may offer a 20 percent off coupon to those who visit their website or offer coupons for those who have signed up for an email marketing list. Coupons for food items such as cereal or cleaning items such as sponges or laundry detergent may have to be redeemed at the grocery store.

What’s the Difference Between a Coupon and an eCoupon?

Some coupons are only available in digital form. A customer can digitally clip the coupon and save it to his or her computer. When an item is purchased, the customer will be asked for the coupon number or a coupon code. The discount can then be redeemed at an online retailer where the purchase is made. However, there will not be a physical coupon that the customer would have to print out or actually present to a merchant to receive the discount.

Do Online Coupons Expire?

An online coupon may expire just like a physical coupon may expire. The merchant or manufacturer will decide when the discount expires. If someone tries to redeem the coupon or use a coupon code after it expires, it will not be applied to the order. In some cases, it may be possible to contact the online retailer about the coupon or appeal to a physical retailer to accept an online coupon that may have expired.Online coupons can provide customers with a great way to save money with the added bonus of being able to shop from home. With increased competition, many retailers have done everything that they can to make themselves more attractive to consumers. Armed with the knowledge of how online coupons work and how to use them, any consumer can be a savvy online shopper.