Many pet owners learn the hard way the importance of getting and keeping health insurance for their beloved pet. Long are the days where our pets were simple companions and in are those where most families see their dog as an integral part of the family. We put together a list of higher-end, thus more expensive, but high-quality dog insurance plans for you. Level of coverage, breed, etc are key price determinants. Also, Keep in mind that price sometimes depends on location as well:

  • 1. American Kennel Club Pet Insurance offers low deductibles and high rates of insurance reimbursement. Aimed at small and catastrophic events, it helps reduce the burdens of pet illnesses and injuries which can cause hard decisions for pet owners.
  • 2. 24 Petwatch offers a range of pet insurance plans for health and lost pet recovery.
  • 3. Veterinary Pet Insurance policies offer anytime access to veterinary professionals; they reimburse covered medical costs. To keep prices down, they offer customers multiple coverage options.
  • 4. ASPCA Pet health Insurance offers comprehensive coverage and plan features. Their approach includes wellness programs for healthy animals to keep them symptom-free. They cover congenital conditions that run in breeds.
  • 5. Petplan Insurance states that it takes a holistic view of pet health care. They emphasize plain and easy to understand terms, and coverage adds many unusual features such as vacation cancellation.
  • 6. PetPremium insurance offers next day coverage and wellness and several tiers of coverage for customized coverage.
  • 7. PetFirst Pet insurance offers a lifelong coverage guarantee for events and congenital conditions.
  • 8. Pets Best Insurance offers plans that pay up to full reimbursement of costs; it starts coverage after only a short period.
  • 9. Trupanion Insurance provides a single approach with ninety percent reimbursement rates, a plain set of terms, and no pay limits.

Pet insurance can ease the burdens of high-costs of long-term care and catastrophic events. High deductibles limit the usefulness of some plans. Many consumers prefer those that offer wellness coverage; these plans provide immediate benefits for sick or symptom-free animals.