Some financial advisors caution against utilizing credit cards for purchases. They argue that they will explode your debt and hurt you financially. This does not need to be the case. Some credit cards actually offer users some cash back every month. Cash back credit cards can provide a certain percentage on all purchases. They can also provide a bonus on special categories. Here are some of the leading credit cards that offer cash back.

Chase Freedom

The Chase Freedom card provides users with a 1 percent refund on all purchases each month. In addition to this great benefit, the card also provides 5 percent cash back on a rotating bonus category each quarter. Some common bonus categories are retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, and travel. Users have to sign up to get the bonus each quarter, and they can get the bonus on the first $1500 spent.

Citi Double Cash

This relatively new offering from Citi pays off an effective rate of 2 percent on all purchases. The first percent is earned when a purchase is made. Users will then earn a second cash-back bonus of 1 percent when they pay off the card. This gives an effective rate of 2 percent cash back when users pay off their balance each month.

Fidelity American Express

This card offers cash back with a twist. All purchases earn 2 percent cash back. There are no special bonus categories or payoff bonuses with this card. Users earn a straight 2 percent each time they swipe the card for a purchase. Once users accumulate $50 in their account, they can then deposit the funds into a Fidelity investment account. Because stocks and bonds can appreciate over time, this bonus can really lead to a much better overall return than the 2 percent stated rate.

Discover It

The It card from Discover is fairly similar to the Chase Freedom listed above. Users get 1 percent cash back on every purchase they make. They can also earn 5 percent cash back on rotating categories that do not necessarily coincide with those offered by the Chase Freedom. This last fact can help users maximize their earnings if they happen to hold both cards and maintain the proper strategy when spending.

Cash back credit cards can actually help users build up a nest egg rather than taking money from it. The key is to get the cards that maximize savings while also paying off the balance each month to avoid interest charges that would more than offset the benefits the cards offer.