Active adults are those able to live independently and engage in a wide variety of physical, group, and social activities. These age 55-plus communities focus on the commonalities of age and active lifestyle. They have special opportunities in retirement to engage in familiar hobbies and interests and to acquire new areas. Providers design Active Adult Living Communities for this group. The spirit of exploration and discovery separates this group from other retirement communities. The engaging lifestyle can be shared in an independent living community focused on active seniors. Many facilities offer great year-round weather; those located in more temperate areas emphasize the seasons and use indoor facilities to maintain and an active slate of healthy activities in the cold seasons. Outdoor features follow seasons too, and winter and fall offer charms in these four-season climates.

Low Maintenance High Impact Communities

Active adult communities emphasize independent living and healthful lifestyles. They also seek to relieve residents of as much of the daily maintenance tasks associated with ownership or renting. The optimal balance provides as much leisure time as possible to pursue activities and try out new interests. They provide a wide range of ownership and living options including single family, condominiums, and rental arrangements. Flexibility is helpful for retirement, but so cost control and financial certainty. Active adults can choose the version that suits them best. Ownership adds equity, builds wealth, and has other financial benefits. Those who wish to rent can take long or short term options.

Lifestyle is the Emphasis

Active adults treasure their involved lifestyle that is full of adventuresome activities. Many communities organize around significant outdoor activities such as golf, boating, and fitness. They feature athletic and exercise facilities like gyms, walking areas, nature paths for hiking, and biking. Outdoor settings in the hills or mountains provide opportunities to enjoy fresh air, the sunshine, and appreciate natural beauty. Locations that feature magnificent outdoor settings attract adults that value nature. It is a pleasant break for many residents from the hustle and bustle of city living. Many communities offer gated security, and carefully designed architecture to reduce barriers and stairs. Safety and security are among the key attributes of leading active adult communities.

Social Opportunities

Active adult living communities feature events and services that provide opportunities for residents to interact, make new friends, and pursue new interests. The social side of active adult living is an important part of wellness. Socially active people have better mental outlooks than those who miss this important aspect of wellness. Dancing, dining, night out on the town are typical active adult activities that contribute to positive mental outlooks.

Maintaining Wellness and Independence

Active adult communities emphasize health and wellness. They offer preventive health services and robust menus of activities aimed at maintaining mental and physical fitness. Diet and nutrition are among the core values that these communities embrace. At the heart of the wellness philosophy is a healthy balanced diet that not only controls weight but provides for complete nutrition and long-term health. At any age, one can improve health by improving the nutritional balance in the diet. Many active adult communities provide access to professional nutritional advice and counseling as part of preventive health services.

Active Adults Thrive

Successful active adult communities provide an atmosphere of optimism and adventure which helps active adults thrive. With active social agendas and full attention to preventive health and wellness, these independent living communities have a distinctively upbeat vibe. Lifestyle focused on mentally stimulating and physically challenging activities provides an ideal balance for this 55-plus group.