There are many ways to consider the best in a category, price alone does not describe the value. One must look within the plans, and one must compare based upon needs. The ultimate need for family shared plans is to get the most data usage at the lowest possible price. It is in data usage that the plans will either constrict usage or result in overages and extra charges. T-Mobile stands out as a contract plan provider, and Boost Mobile has the edge in the prepaid sector. Overall the best advice for finding the right plan is to buy unlocked phones and take advantage of the flexibility that comes with not being tied to a particular carrier. Prepaid or contract rates can offer advantages, but the test may be far simpler in a given area. Ask other users about the quality of service and strength of the signal. Pay particular attention to the areas in the community in which people complain of poor access. Every network no matter how robust has weak areas. The best price competitor may also be the carrier with the greater number of service weak spots.

Contract Family Plan

T-Mobile includes several costs that the other big four carriers charge as items. T-Mobile includes the per-phone charge and the monthly data cost. This pricing practice means that T-Mobile will have a lower monthly cost for a family of four than the other three. It also means that the T-Mobile price per GB of usage is lower than the others, and the difference is remarkable. T-Mobile charges less than half of its nearest competitor on a per GB rate. The total data bucket amount on the family plan is 24 GB for T-Mobile, and it ranges from ten to fifteen for the other three.

Prepaid Family Plan

This comparison group includes Cricket ( using AT&T), MetroPCS, Boost Mobile( Sprint) and Virgin Mobile( Sprint). T-Mobile owns MetroPCS, but it has a private network. Cricket and Virgin win on low price, but the best value is BOOST. This carrier offers a 500MB upgrade for every on-time payment. After a string of on-time payments, the added value of increased data capacity without additional charges gives Boost a significant family plan advantage.