With so many choices and never a lot of time to decide, car buying is one of the most difficult investments to make. There are quite a few things to consider when buying a car. Here is a compilation of the best luxury sedans of 2016 to help make your car buying experience much easier based on consumer opinion and car aficionados’ choice.



  • Towards the top of the list is the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid. This year’s improvements include an updated chassis and suspension for a smoother ride. The standard features will impress even the pickiest of buyers and include things such as a full surround camera and rear cross traffic alert. These in addition to the hybrid power train that has 377 horsepower and a V6 engine, are enough to fall for this vehicle.
  • The Audi A8 L W12 is another on the list of the best for 2016. This sedan has a very classic looking body with clean lines and a beautiful body. This edition has luxurious leather, rear entertainment, and acoustic glass, dual-pane windows. If that is not enough to engage you, take this beautiful vehicle for a test drive and enjoy the seamless ride of comfort and safety.
  • This list would not be complete without the BMW 750i xDrive. This car is in the top ten for 2016. The improvements include an extremely light Carbon Core and re-positioning of the center of gravity near the ground. What this does is create a safer vehicle with better control. The technology inside the vehicle is unlike any other. With a hand motion you can ignore a call or change the music. Perhaps the most impressive feature is that it can park itself, no driver needed. This in combination with a price tag that is milder than most, makes this car a win-win investment.
  • The Cadillac CT6 has beauty and brawn. This jaw-dropping car has the first if its kind to house a V6 engine and 400 horsepower behind it. The shocks are magnetically adjustable so you always have seamless traveling. The interior is dressed up with every luxury and technological advancement you can think of, so your passengers will always be entertained. The aluminum frame makes it one of the lightest vehicles in the 2016 luxury sedan line at an impressive 3,700 pounds. There is nothing like it.
  • Though it is never a surprise to see this on any ‘best’ list, the Jaguar XJR LWB has earned a spot on this list. The V8 engine and 550 horsepower give you the power you want in your sedan. The car has a little bit more sporty body than the other sedans on the list and the interior is decked out with the best of the best materials. There is no comparison to the Jaguar’s performance or style.

With these cars in the top of the luxury sedans for 2016 category, you will surely find a car that exceeds your expectations in both performance and style. These vehicles also have phenomenal safety ratings for those with safety at the top of their list.