The big four have the national infrastructure of built out networks offering LTE speeds and capacity. The six larger virtual network operators include Cricket, U.S. Cellular, Boost Mobile, Metro PCS, TING, and Consumer Cellular. These ten providers supply phone services to a large portion of the US market. Cell phone providers offer a range of services and equipment that shape the users experience in important ways. Providers provide cell service at the speeds and bandwidth needed to have instant downloads and seamless streaming of content. They provide the top and mid-range cell phones to consumers and engineer them for compatibility with the systems, and they guarantee extensive coverage areas. Many offer flexible plans to cover families as well as individual users.

The top providers are Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint

Verizon is rated as the top performer based on its overall coverage, speeds, reliability, and high levels of customer service. T-Mobile scores remarkably well in every category except rural area service. This system weakness affects some users and would severely limit the usefulness of the service. Sprint rates just behind Verizon with low prices and a steady set of infrastructure and operational improvements on the past two years.
Coverage and quality are important features of cell phone service providers along with Pricing and fees. Plans are often unclear because they tend to understate important details such as charges and penalties. Providers still emphasize their preferred values of phone selections, coverage, and unique features. Consumers focus on price and value. Plan features matter to consumers as much as choices of devices. Each has a direct effect on the usefulness’ of the service. Unlimited data promises, in reality, are systems that throttle users after a certain level of data per month. Throttling slows the user’s speed. Upgrading to new phones on an annual basis also adds an extra monthly charge. Device selection can confuse consumers since there are special arrangements with phone makers and cell providers. Apple, HTC, and Samsung phones are nearly always available at all of the leading carrier.