Comparison shopping is an ideal way to assess competing cell phone plans. While nearly all providers offer unlimited data plans, most of the throttle their subscribers by reducing speeds after a level of usage. Among those that do not throttle are MetroPCS, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Unlimited talk and text are more common than true unlimited data usage.

Charges and Fees

It is sometimes hard to compare prices for cell phone service providers. They make comparisons difficult by setting price points that depend on things present in one plan but not present in another. For example, prepaid rates for a top service might be as low as $40 per month. The same services could cost $80 per month from a top carrier. The difference might be a deep discount on a top of the line phone. One must consider whether the great phone is worth an extra $40 per month. The complications also involve the idea that the deep discount phone is in a two-year commitment.

Devices Make a Difference Too

Plan features are part of the service but so too are the devices. Carriers bundle devices with plans to make their offers more appealing. Sometimes it involves a trade-off. For example, a plan might have limited data usage from throttling but offer the best new phone. For some consumers bundling devices and combining features makes for difficult choices.