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One can get savings below listed prices by buying discount cruise vacations. Consumers can find them online and with travel agencies. These discounts handled by agents often involve a percentage discount and addition of other items or services at little or no costs. Discounts go through marketing companies that get a commission for each sale. The time of payment is the actual time that things get settled, and until payment, there is only a queue and people lined up for an accommodation. If one pays, one may find that the intended staterooms are sold out, and one must take something smaller or less desirable. Discounts work best during tough sell times. Cruises have a hard time selling during certain holidays like Christmas. During these times, there is a legitimate excess of rooms and discounts help fill them.

Luxury on a Budget

The budget conscious traveler can find happiness on a luxury cruise. One aspect of a luxury cruise is the all-inclusive pricing option that saves over purchasing each item as one goes. All-inclusive meals and open bar are attractive because one can budget knowing that most expenses are covered in the price of the cruise. Discount cruises are popular ways to get the luxury one wants at a price they can afford to pay. Some discounts have short notice periods and these are opportunities to get a lower fare as the cruise seeks to fill out its passenger capacity. Discounts during the hard sell times often come as bonuses. They include onboard cash, complementary services, and free events.

Types of Discounts

Bulk marketing discounts, last minute sales, and group discounts are three ways to get a discount luxury cruise. Bulk marketing companies get prices for cruise beds like everyone else, and the best price break occurs approximately 75 days before departure. The bulk marketers can improve the value of a cruise by getting add-ons and other things of value such as room upgrades, all-inclusive services, local event discounts and rental cars. Group discounts are true discounts available to groups of certain size or more, and to passengers who repeat purchases on the cruise line. Using group discounts can be amusing, one may never know one is part of a group, and the group may never know the individual either. As a paper transaction, one gets a bed and services at a discount. The last minute sales are usually the few small and least preferred cabin locations. Such as those with inner exposure or at the ends of the cabin rows where the less smooth riding experience occurs. There are, as mentioned above, the hard-sell periods, and particularly the week before Christmas and week before Thanksgiving. Sales during these times are genuine efforts to fill empty rooms, and cruise lines and marketers will often bring out bonus discounts and fabulous discount pricing.

The Repositioning Cruises

Some of the best deals in cruise ship vacations come when ships reposition. At the end of a season, ships may be at the end of a tour itinerary. It may be far from the place needed to start the next season. Cruise companies refer to the journey to get to the starting point for the new season as repositioning. They may have to cross the Atlantic to go from Eastern Europe to Latin America, or reposition from Pacific locations. These long trips are needed to begin a new cruise season. The fares for repositioning tours represent some of the best bargains on cruise sailing. These trips are often longer than standard tours; they often take more than two weeks. If one has time and were in a favorable location from the starting point, then one can have a long cruise at a very reasonable price.