According to the LA Times, 128 million people didn’t have a traditional phone at home as of July 2014. As traditional home phones dwindle, it has become increasingly important to stay connected using other methods. Below are a few types of Internet service without phone line.

Freestanding DSL
Traditional DSL is high speed Internet that works with your active telephone line. Often, consumers who wanted DSL paid their phone company for a line they never used. Freestanding DSL works over existing, inactive telephone wires. This means that if you’ve disconnected your home phone, you can still take advantage of DSL Internet service without phone line.

Satellite internet is a good solution for customers who live in a rural area. Often, satellite companies provide Internet to customers who may not have other options. Once again, satellite can provide Internet service without phone line. This is often a faster service than DSL; however, there are fairly stringent data limits, so if a household has high data needs with teenagers that play online live-action video games or stream excessive amounts of video, other options might be better.

If it’s available in your area, cable can be a great Internet solution. Like the other options, it doesn’t require a phone. It’s often available with higher speeds than DSL, higher (or no) data limits, and it’s reasonably priced. It is a “shared” service, though. This means that the bandwidth is used by others in the same area. Peak usage times such as evenings and weekends may experience a degradation in performance, but for the average user, it’s still likely to be sufficient.

Wifi/Mobile Hotspots
If you need Internet at home, but you use it away from home as well (at parks, pools, camping, etc.) a wifi device might be the solution for you. Not only is it Internet service without phone line, it’s internet service without limits because you can take it with you! This is the most versatile of the no-phone options; however, there are nearly always data limits and you pay more for the mobility of this product. Still, if you need access both at home and on the road, this is the solution for you.

Fiber is one of the latest technologies taking consumer households by storm. This is one of the fastest Internet technologies you can use, and it’s made possible by the use of fiber-optic lines to transport the signal. Because of this, no phone is required. Because of the need to lay new lines, fiber is not available in all locations, making availability one of the biggest obstacles to overcome.

Having a phone line is no longer a prerequisite to having a great Internet connection. In today’s world, countless options are available to make staying connected fast, easy, and affordable. No phone line? No problem!