No one is truly sure how long mankind has existed, but certain cultures have been around for millennia. The Indian (Hindu) culture has built up a long history based on adhering to certain basic philosophies, rules and guidelines. One of these core rules is purchasing gold as an investment.

Buy Indian Bride: Gold

Bollywood is taking the world by storm. It is fun to sing and dance to these great movies that mirror the heyday of the Hollywood musical. Even though, there are more modern vehicles on the Indian roads, certain important ancient Hindu traditions have remained:

Buy the Indian Bride: Gold Jewelry

Indians see gold as an investment and by purchasing this for a new bride, you celebrate her new marriage. The bride is being welcomed into the groom’s family. Everyone hopes for the wealth of numerous children and financial success.

Brides adorned from head to feet in gold present a stunning gift to the groom. Not only will he have the added virtue of his wife, but he will also have the added security of her savings in gold jewellery. During the rough times, one or two pieces can be sold until conditions improve.

Gold is Durable

Gold is one of the most beautiful, durable and valuable precious metals. It will always be used for important transactions. Banks around the world have gold bullion bars representing much of their wealth.

The mining of gold represents work. Economics teaches that money represents work. Thus, the gold miner creates money. Gold is one of the purest and most well-recognized forms of money that has ever existed.

When the Spanish talked about the Aztec “Cities of Gold,” all of Europe became extremely excited. To this day, the Spanish Dollar is still being used (now it is called the United States Dollar). Gold has created empires and stood the test of time.

Even today, if you find an ancient Spanish shipwreck full of gold, you have hit the jackpot. Gold is always valuable. Gold stands the test of time.

Real Wealth is Gold

There have been many civilizations that have disappeared while the Indians have still been quietly collecting their gold. There have been many invaders who gave up and returned home. Still, the Indian bride wants gold on her wedding day. Indian brides understand the value of gold as an investment.