cruise ship

The Information Age has added dimensions to luxury cruise ships; diversity no means a full range of electronic devices, games, and entertainment. There are still traditional cruise ships and they come in several sizes. Itineraries vary with the size of the ship as the giant liners cannot handle small ports and their itineraries include the large and well-traveled destinations.

Traditional Ships Various Sizes

The large cruise ships that can hold more than 1000 passengers offer an amazing diversity of experiences on board. They have lavish meals, five-star restaurants with famous gourmet chefs. They offer nightclubs for dancing and live entertainment. Medium sized ships have much the same range but in fewer or more selective editions. Traditional ships offer cultural enrichment opportunities like lectures and information-based activities. On these traditional ships, one can focus on a sport like scuba diving, take lessons and become proficient for an upcoming port or destination. The smaller cruise ships sometimes offer more intimate conditions and high staff to passenger ratios for the best in customer service.

Adventure Sailing

Those seeking a slightly different way to a memorable vacation can book travel on large yachts and masted sailing craft. Yacht style accommodations offer large stateroom areas aboard a boat that might hold 50 to 100 passengers. These yacht style ships can offer varied itineraries as they can reach smaller ports and take the traveler of the beaten and over traveled path. There are still remote beaches and pristine waters that thrill guests with their natural, unspoiled beauty. Some take passengers to locations that offer unique cultural and topography features. The masted boats have the thrill of sail power as well as powerful engines, and the differences can be remarkable. Gliding over the water as people did centuries ago propelled by prevailing winds and currents.