Finding the best cable and internet deals can be stressful. There are so many different providers that offer so much. How will you know you are getting the best deal? Many of the most popular cable and internet providers offer bundles that allow you to get a package deal. You will want to choose carefully because some of those providers require you to purchase a bundle that includes cable, internet, and phone service that you may not need. In this article, we will review four of the most popular cable and internet providers.


Verizon is a company that allows you to choose exactly what you need. You have the choice of just one service such as cable or internet alone. You may also choose bundles such as the Fios Double Play, which will provide you with both cable and internet. There is also the Triple Play which will provide you with cable, internet, and phone services. With the Standalone package and Triple Play, a two-year contract is required for service. If you are only looking for cable and internet and opt for the Double Play, you may choose a package that offers no annual contract or one that requires a two-year agreement. Be sure to look over everything that the package includes to be sure you are getting everything you desire.


You may recognize AT&T more for their phone service but they have recently teamed up with DIRECTV to be able to provide you with affordable cable and internet bundles. AT&T also offers bundles that include cable, internet, and phone or you may choose to purchase a package individually. While AT&T does not offer a package that only has cable and internet, you may use the create-your-own bundle feature that makes customizing your own plan to your needs possible. These plans require a twelve month agreement.


If you are looking for a package deal through Xfinity, you will have to get cable, phone, and internet because this is the only bundle available. Although you may only want cable and internet, the Xfinity bundle is still very affordable with all three packages compared to its competitors. You also have the option to subscribe to the cable and internet packages individually if you choose to do so. Xfinity requires a two year agreement with each of its packages.


DIRECTV is quite simple in choosing which plan you want to order. You can either get the cable and internet package or a package that includes cable, internet, and phone. DIRECTV also has cable and wireless package through AT&T allowing you to have your wireless service and cable bundled into one. Another perk of DIRECTV is that you can earn credits towards your AT&T account for signing up. DIRECTV requires a two-year agreement with any bundle.

While most of the prices are fairly comparable in searching for cable and internet deals, you may want to take into consideration the channels and internet speeds offered to you. Some companies will offer one to several months of free premium channels as well as other promotions. Providers will also occasionally have special deals on their bundles throughout the year. Location may also be a factor because not all providers are available everywhere and some home rental facilities have contracts with providers limiting your choices.